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Friday, December 18, 2009

Finsh what you started

On Nov 12 we launched our second BIG THINK event this year. Our first being in March at King City at a time when everyone said we could not launch an event of this calibre. Well, we did and our second BIG THINK in Niagara was just as outstanding. A special thanks to our sponsors, delegates and partners, The Business Link. Once again my strategic partner Vittoria Wikston did a stellar job at organizing the event details.

The message in this December BLOG is: 'Complete what you started and finish like a champion'. The key word is to finish. I know how creative and innovative you are so that's not the issue, the key is to get out there and make it happen. I have been working with several entrepreneurs over the past few weeks in helping them launch their new business idea and ignite them to action. My goal with every entrepreneur that I interface with is to ignite their passion and help them realize their idea and their potential. To many of us have these glorious ideas and ambitions on how they are going to improve their own lives and the lives of others. From the thousands of people that I interact with every year only a small percentage takes action and applies effort in moving themselves forward. It's not about how great you are, its about how great you want to be.

I find that 50% of the battle is just getting started and building momentum. In addition to launching our second BIG THINK event, I delivered several Branding Boot Camps and Key notes throughout Ontario. I had the pleasure of working with one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies in getting more innovative. My new workshop titled GET INNOVATIVE is designed to help teams extract their full creative potential. This was a great team full of inspired energy and enthusiasm. Part one of my presentation focused on their inner creativity and opened up the right side of their brain. As we headed in the remaining parts of the workshop, they were inspired to take action. The core areas of my GET INNOVATIVE message centred around the need to cultivate an innovate culture. It all starts with each individual making a commitment to becoming an outstanding person. Innovation is inspired by ambition and is fueled by optimism.

I published a recent article on the need for simplicity in relaunching your brand to the market place, I call it Flash Back to Basics:
As we approach 2010 there is a need to simplify and clarify your brand message as a means of cutting through the noise. Recent consumer polls are indicating a need for nostalgia and simplicity. So as a master in your field, this is a great time to streamline and re-introduce your brand to your customers with ultimate clarity. The following steps are designed to help guide you in crystallizing your brand:

A: Think like a consumer
B: Use a connector
C: Less is more

A: Think like a consumer:
You may think you know what you sell or what your brand stands for. However, it is what your customers think that it is that matters! Do a quick survey with your top 10 clients and ask them what they think your brand stands for and how they perceive you. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of that it is that you sell. That may sound strange however, too many businesses get too caught up in marketing hype that the message they send out have little relevance with the core service product offering. What you must convey is; your product or service; what it does and more importantly, what consumers experience with it.

B: Use a connector
An effective way to connect your customer to your brand is with the use of a connector, or theme. Think of the PC-MAC commercials that have aired for the past 5 years. The use of people to represent their respective brands is genius. Add to that the use of humour and it engages the emotional and intuitive aspects of our brain and that's a powerful combination! The message and strategy is crystal clear; MACs are cool and easy; PCs are not, and if you buy a MAC you will be just as cool. Try using a connector that engages people while connecting the essence of your brand. Ensure you don't get too abstract with the theme selection. The whole point of the connector is to bridge your brand with your customers' needs.

C: Less is more
The previous example of the PC-MAC commercials is valid in this last principle, that less is more. Try and avoid over stating your promise. It is too easy to get lost in long-winded mission statements and marketing copy when all you need is a simple and straight forward statement. Some of my favorites are:

[NIKE] The 'JUST DO IT' campaign invokes a strong sense of action.
[CARNIVAL] Their new 'FUN FOR ALL' campaign captures the experience really well.

If you attempt to connect your marketing with just your customer's minds, you may be viewed as a commodity. As you re-introduce your brand use simplicity to connect your customers hearts and you will win them for a lifetime.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Laws of Innovation

For the past year I have delivered well over 50 talks on Creativity and Branding with a focus on helping people harness their inner creativity. There is no question that I have helped thousands of people ignite new ideas. Creativity is a key ingredient to innovation and Innovation can be defined as problem solving through insight and creativity. My high energy approach during key notes and Boot Camps is designed to spark inspiration, imagination and inspired action. I don't just talk to to audience, I roll up my sleeves and engage the audience as an active participant helping each and everyone get the best out of themselves. You will typically leave a talk never remembering any of the content that a speaker says so I want you to remember the way you felt! I want to get your mojo going and ignite your imagination to action.

IBM CEO recently quoted that anyone in business needs to innovate even more so to thrive in this new market. Businesses must innovate in their approach, their technologies and in their processes.

For the past several months I have been diligently working on a new presentation that I unveiled last week to the Ontario Chambers of Commerce heads titled GET INNOVATIVE, the laws of Innovation designed to to build innovative cultures. For the past 10 years, my partners and I have promoted ourselves as The World's Creative Think Tank with a mission of helping our clients innovate and create new ideas. I am so pleased to officially release my new world-class presentation GET INNOVATIVE. The talk is designed as a key note and/or a full day Innovation Boot Camp complete with worksheets. The focus is strategic and inspiring targeting innovative potential in organizations. It is essential that teams come together now even more than ever and continually collaborate on creatively inspiring one another.

Innovation is inspired by ambition and it begins with optimism. So as I continue to excite new audiences to action I will focus on cultivating possibilities and belief in progress as a new form of leadership. If you are a leader now is your time to lead with innovation. Your team awaits your call and your fighting spirit. Your mood is the outlook! Innovation begins with optimism and it starts with you.

My Ten Laws of Innovation can be summarized as follows:

- Define innovation within your organization
- Never quite the Big Idea
- Create Market Opportunities - Drive the Change
- Apply BIG THINK Concepts
- Communicate like a Champion
- Cultivate a Culture of Innovation
- Engage Others
- Build the Brand Experience
- Back to Basics
- Get Thin on Innovation
Boot Camps and Key notes are booking up for 2010, so contact the NSB at http://www.nsb.com/ and let me know what works best for you. I look forward to helping you GET INNOVATIVE.
Thank you for reading.
Gerry Visca
Canada's Creative Coach

Friday, October 23, 2009

Exceptional in Elliot Lake

I just returned from a 3 day trek to Elliot Lake in Ontario. I was asked to speak at the Elliot Lake & District Chamber of Commerce awards night. I want to take this opportunity to share with you my experience with this outstanding community. As a professional speaker you get to meet a lot of people and visit a lot of destinations. Elliot Lake was by far one of the best experiences for me. Although the drive was quite long (around 7 hours) the scenery was remarkable. The trees, the fall colours and the serenity was fabulous. I was not quite sure what awaited me in Elliot Lake and when I arrived on Tuesday evening, I was personally greeted by Todd Stencill, Manager of the Chamber at a quaint Inn known as Fireside. Todd displayed a heartfelt welcome and I really appreciated him taking the time to check me in at the Inn. We then met up with the Chamber of Commerce President, William Elliott over a cold pint of beer. The staff and servers at the Fireside were truly outstanding! After a great night sleep in my king size bed, I took in some sights, worked out and met up with William and headed over to the Elliot Lake Secondary School where I was asked to give a brief talk to approximately 400 kids. What an absolutely incredible high school. I was engaged with the many framed photo's of students that lined the hallways. You really got a sense of the excitement and energy that this high school offers to it's students. I was greeted in the gymnasium by a roaring sound of applause from the students and faculty, it was truly outstanding. I gave a brief a talk on the significance of uncovering your unique ability...my message to the students was to figure out your passion now and start to go after your dream. Keep dreaming and create the life you want. Don't wait until years later for someone to tell you what you should do, start to focus on yourself now.
That same evening I was to deliver an inspirational key note address to the delegates at the Awards night. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of detail and commitment by Todd, Diane and their team in making the venue a great experience. The overall decor and energy that resonated from the venue was engaging. This had to be one of the most well organized Awards night that I have ever attended. As I listened to the many speeches delivered I was touched by the sense of community that exists in Elliot Lake. Even through adversity, this community continues to thrive and is one that other communities should emulate. There are great businesses and a high level of entrepreneurial spirit that resonates throughout this amazing community. You can't help but feel apart of it.
I had the pleasure of sitting with radio sensation Bobby Alexander and the opportunity to meet his News Director Natasha Collett who was unfortunately suffering from a serious ear infection. At may table were William Elliott and his partner, Bobby and his lovely wife Erica and the Deputy Mayor Dawn Morissette and her husband. Dawn is magnificent and I enjoyed our conversation immensely. Bobby was a masterful MC for the evening and kept the crowd rolling all night long. Following the event I met the Board of Directors, local newspaper and television. Several of the delegates approached me with kinds words about my presentation. Everyone I interacted with was truly outstanding and added to the magic that exists in this community. My introduction by Bobby was stellar and I delivered an inspirational key note to the delegates. My approach is always to engage the audience and extract their energy which fuels mine. Unfortunately I was a bit constrained by the hand held microphone and cord. Anyone that has seen me speak knows I emulate the Energizer Bunny on 3 Red Bulls. I love to move quickly and interact with as many people as possible so you can understand why it is essential that I have a wireless mic at these events. My message to the audience was focused on harnessing their creative energy and collaborating as a team. There is no doubt that the businesses in this community are great, I want to help make them outstanding! I presented my 10 laws of creativity (you can listen to audio casts of all ten laws at www.redchairbranding.com/radio.asp )
I emphasized the significance of personal branding and developing a meaningful experience with your customers.
The next morning I was interviewed by Bobby and Natasha at the Moose FM, 94.1, a fantastic talk with the both of them. As I headed back to my studio in Burlington I was enjoyed listening to Bobby and Natasha and was saddened when I no longer could receive the transmission.

I was made to feel like a part of the community at every level. It is truly an experience I will never forget. It was the first time that I felt a level of sadness leaving a community.

Again, kudos to the entire community at Elliot Lake and a special thank you to the Elliot Lake District Chamber of Commerce.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thinking BIG is the key to thrival

I had the pleasure of delivering a full day branding boot camp last week to the Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce. I was absolutely thrilled with the venue, the professional set up, the organization and the inspired delegates. Stephen Passero and Karen Audet did an exceptional job with this event. Also, a special thank you to all of the sponsors and Mike Webb of Niagara AV (niagaraAV@sympatico.ca). To check out highlights of the day, please preview the following video. This group collaborated so well with one another. They were engaged and participated in all workshop exercises. They truly defined the Boot Camp Experience, well done. The goal is to continue taking action, this is my personal message to all of you that attended. Many of you spent time in defining and uncovering your unique ability while others spent more time developing your personal brand.

What do you want people to feel about you and your brand? What do you want most in life and for your business? What is it that you want to create? Now is the time, focus most on your end result, what do you want to create? Don't wait for the change, be the change now, take action and go for it.

You are the architect of your life so you and only you can create the conditions to allow the change to manifest. Many of you have taken action by signing up to attend the BIG THINK Niagara with me on Nov.12. This is a great start, sign up at http://www.redchairbigthink.com/ and become a part of our network. Listen to 5 world-class speakers including Mike Lipkin as we help you become the change you want to see in the world. Let us focus on you all day, from morning to evening, we will immerse you into incredible dialogue, education, motivation and inspiration. I am so impressed with the level of sponsors that have joined in with us, thank you to all. We recently brought on GIANTFM as a key sponsor who will be broadcasting some BIG announcements in the coming week. We also signed up world-class gallery owner and art connoisseur Alison Goodwin of Art Beyond Walls who will be featuring her infamous 'Pop up Gallery' a collection of some of the finest Canadian artists. This will be an exciting day to remember and life changing for some many of you. I look forward to seeing you all on Nov.12 and a special congratulations to the Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce, a group that other chambers should emulate.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sexy in Sudbury

I gave a great series of talks in September to an outstanding cast of people. My month included Branding Discovery Sessions AKA RedENERGY with two outstanding brands, Car * Nation (a new and rising power brand in the automotive industry) followed by Schleese, an global player in the equestrian market space. Both companies shared an equal frustration around defining who they really are, what their message is and the need to come together as a unified group. It doesn't matter how good you are in the new market, it only matters how your customers respond to you, your brand and your commitment to a new level of service. It is not enough to deliver the same level of service you delivered years ago, this is a new time, and we all have to rise above the challenge. Just getting by, being mediocre no longer pays the bills. We have to connect with the hearts of our customer, just connecting with their heads no longer cuts it. So how are you rising to this new challenge? How are you exceeding expectations? How are you continually innovating and getting the best out of your team? What new strategies are you employing that truly make the difference between winning and loosing your client? These two clients have world-class products and services, however, is that enough? Will they be able to truly connect to the hearts of their customers and make their brands the only choice? There are no over night successes these days. The businesses that we suddenly notice are not over night sensations, we notice them now as a result of the years of effort and dedication to baking their brand. They persevered and continually stayed focused to their mission and to true to their brand.

I had an opportunity to speak to a cast of exciting people in Sudbury this past week. The event was hosted by the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commence. Some delegates drove over 3 hours to hear me speak. I applaud the efforts of Debbi and Erin of the Chamber of Commerce in putting on this event. Sure, their expectations I'm sure were for larger numbers, they even contemplated cancelling the event several times, and actually cancelled a week before only to put it back on after I encouraged them to do so. What a sad time it would have been for the 30 - 40 delegates that did attend. These individuals are committed to their success, to learning new tools that will help them thrive in this new market place. These delegates were inspired to action, many of them stated this was the best seminar they ever attended. For some, it is life altering, the ignition they needed to thrust them into creative action. It makes no difference to me if there are 40 or 400 people attending my Branding Boot Camp. What matters most is that they are present and ready to inspire to action. I give them my all and they give it right back to me. It is a truly outstanding experience. The feedback that I have received from several delegates is outstanding and I hope to remain a part of their success and their creative journey.

At the start of the month, I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with Judy Marsales Real estate. Over 40 of their top sales team attended my talk. My focus, help them uncover their inner creative genius, do things differently, stand out and create their opportunities. This sales team was on fire, inspired to action and ready to rise to the challenge. Judy Marsales is an outstanding leader and has created a significant brand within the real-estate market. She has had to reinvent herself several times and clearly understands you need to drive the change and not wait for the change. This is a true sign of a leader and one that takes action.

I am preparing for numerous talks and Boot Camps coming up this fall. I am very pleased to have been secured to speak to the Black River Matheson Chamber of Commerce at a Boot Camp and awards night in October. They are located just 40 minutes from Timmins and I have been collaborating closely with their leader, Diane and thanks to the funding by KDCDC.

I have been diligently preparing a new fresh presentation on the Laws of Innovation. The focus is to help entrepreneurs and companies remain innovative even in these tough times. It is essential that you remain innovative and continue to explore new and exciting ways to get the best out of your team. They need to stay inspired and think creatively. This presentation will be revealed in November at a talk in Toronto. I will introduce portions of this presentation next week in Victoria BC to the Canadian Chambers of Commerce. I look forward to the excitement and the amazing opportunities that await me and my audiences.

Until then, make today and everyday likes it your last day. Inspire to Action.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From the heart

It's a sunny afternoon, the time is 1:46, I just finished launching my new newsletter using constant contact to stay in touch with my close friends and followers. I set out over a year ago to creatively inspire people to action. This has become my goal, my life purpose, my mission. When I untapped my unique ability, everything had to change, my current career, my lifestyle, my family, my focus and my daily actions. Since I declare this new focus, I have delivered close to 100 talks and presentations and continue to climb the ranks as one of the top speakers. Everyday presents new challenges and new opportunities. Is it easy, never! How do I do it? I maintain a strong sense of focus, creativity and a positive attitude. I continually look for more innovative ways to reach my goal. I know that the universe is sending me new people, new collaborations and new ideas every day. I take action with inspired thought. One of the key areas to focus on as you move through your creative journey is to uncover what it is that makes you happy, what you want most, what you love to do. What are you brilliant at? What is your passion? Who are the people that you can connect and collaborate with?

What actions do you have to take? Are you aligning your daily actions with your goals? Are you moving yourself closer everyday? Are you looking for new ways to stand out and differentiate yourself and your approach? Are you being diligent with your time or are you still in a rut and doing the same routine over and over expecting new results to emerge? If you are, don't feel bad, just do something about it. Take action. To often I am confronted by people that want to get together, chat, about what? They don't even know, they just want me to make it happen for them somehow. When you are in this situation, try and put together an agenda, make the most of your meeting with this person, do what ever it takes to make show them your gratitude for their time. Stay on track with your agenda.

So what is new and exciting in my life?

- Anwar Knigth, CTV personality and I have laid out a new TV show focused on entrepreneurs, excited about getting this off the ground.

- I am delivering several talks/key note presentation and Boot Camps this fall.

Continuing my Ontario wide tour I will at the Elliot Lake Chamber of Commerce as their key note speaker in October, Judy Marsales Real-Estate in September, Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce, Goderich Chamber of Commerce in October. I have been invited to speak at the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in October in BC.

-We have 2 major BIG THINK events on the go this fall, one in Newmarket in partnership with the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and the ERA-BANNER followed by Niagara in November with The Business Link so an exciting fall line up.

- I have been asked to speak to a major NHL brand in January also to The Canadian Club of Golf Resorts. I will be speaking at a major Insurance AGM in 2010 as well.

-My current initiatives and focus are to secure 5 corporate brands that will book me for a national/international speaking tour.

-We are currently exploring a collaboration with international organizations like John Assaraf of OneCoach in California.

I also officially issued a media release noting my intention and interest in joining a national or international brand as their Chief Creative Officer where I could lead major teams and initiatives on a global basis.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aug 7.09 Presentation Boot Camp

We had a great cast of delegates attend our Aug 7 Presentation Boot Camp in my Burlington Studio. I felt a great connection with this group. Several of the delegates travelled as far as New market, Niagara and Barrie, thank you all for attending. We focused on how to become a RED HOT Speaker through the creative process of presentation. These principles must weave into your business development approach and your marketing style. Be recognized as a giver, a motivator and connector and a collaboration. As you start to raise the level of your approach to presentations, you will raise the level of your brand. We discussed what it takes to become a RED HOT speaker and hit the speakers circuit. With 50,000 plus speakers you must create a style that is unique to you and strive to differentiate yourself from the competition. Many of you recall that I was turned down several times by my speaking bureau, however, that did not stop me from creating my own opportunities as I continually raised the bar, my approach and my goal in becoming on of Canada's top inspirational speakers. I live to creatively inspire people to action.
The following are my top tips for those of you interested in becoming a top speaker:
- Develop your style, that is unique to you and that can bring out the best in you.
- Build your Brand Image. Help people remember you and your approach.
- Use Social Media tools to build your brand image.
- Collaborate with others. You will need a stellar network to become a top speaker.
- Prepare to approach speaking bureaus.
- Develop strong content unique to your style. Develop at least 3 - 5 presentations that last 60 - 90 minutes.
- Differentiate yourself from the competition.
- Create your own opportunities by putting on workshops, events and seminars.
- Practice your craft daily.
- Enhance everything noted above about 10 times. Practice makes perfect.
Visit http://www.redchairbranding.com/ and click on our event schedule for upcoming Boot Camps, presentations and events.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29 SOLD OUT Social Media Boot Camp

We hosted a great event to a sold out crowd of 25 plus delegates at our exclusive Social Media Boot Camp in Burlington, ON. For a bit of a preview of our raw and live video feed, please preview:

Trevor Rudd and I will be posting links to files and notes over the next few days so stay tuned for access to these files. In the meantime, please feel free to add comments to this BLOG as a means of connecting with one another. We focused today on the power of BLOGGING, using Blogger.com, as well as creating your YOUTUBE channel, using Twitter to connect the social media elements. We spent time on LinkedIN and how to dig deeper into this amazing business tool.

We presented a series of tips and principles: Some of our top tips are:
1. Get Started and don't wait.
2. Select just a couple of tools, for now, create your Twitter Account, this will only take you 2 minutes. Then spend more time creating your LinkedIN account. Start inviting people to join your network and ask for recommendations so you can start building a solid brand on line.
3. Take breaks and schedule your social media time, ie. 20 minutes a day.
4. Start joining some groups, go where the conversation is and get involved.
5. Be a giver and send tips on a regular basis for your area of expertise.
6. Encourage your membership to use only Social Media sites that you have designated for publishing news and events. Encourage these users to use these tools instead of emailing, this will increase collaboration.
7. Look at connecting all of your social media sites, this is referred to as convergence. For example, if you create a Google Account, you can then connect your Twitter and YouTube accounts. So if you upload a video on YouTube like the one you see here, it automatically updates your Twitter status, very cool.

For more information and notes from Trevor Rudd, please visit www.jobquirk.com to access Trevors notes.
Keep the conversation going, find Trevor and I on LinkedIN, YouTUBE and Twitter and join our conversation, we love chatting with you all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS | July 29 Boot Camp

I was recently interviewed on http://www.vividliferadio.com/ following my amazing Boot Camp in Whitby Ontario. I get this a lot, "You look like that guy Danny from American Idol!"
Due to popular demand, I am hosting a 'Hands on' Social Media Boot Camp on July 29 in my Burlington Studio. This is an expert session so make sure you contact my assistant sara@redchairbranding.com 905.528.6032 to register your hot seat. We are only working with 25 people at this workshop so be a part of the social media craze and learn how to harness the power of these tools. Social Media is helping me become one of the top speakers in Canada and i want you to learn how to make these tools a part of your marketing mix.

I just returned from being WIRED in WHITBY. I love this crowd, I love the intersection with Whitby, every time I leave this venue, I get more inspired to reach a new level. This was a diverse crowd, fully engaged, wide awake with new ideas and new possibilities for their brand. So to recap, we focused on the creative laws to help you build your brand, now that you have that in the works, you will be able to start focusing on building your new brand image on the web. I recommended the use of 3-4 social media tools:

1. FaceBook for business
Facebook actually started at Harvard as a means of sharing photos in prep schools. It is a great and user-friendly tool to connect with old friends and associates who share a common interest. It provides your viewers with an inside look at your personal interest. I like to think of it as a way to humanize your profile in business.
2. LinkedIN
Where Facebook is more personal, Linkedin is for business. It is a great tool to connect with the business community on business matters. One of the great features of LinkedIN is that you can endorse/recommend other people. Many job recruiters use this tool to cyber-surf great candidates. Many of them will only go by the recommendations that you have in your LinkedIN account.
3. YouTUBE for video uploads
Is referred to as a video sharing site which is now owned by Google. You can upload unlimited videos, create a channel, add comments and response to other videos that you review. It has revolutionized how we view, upload and download videos on the net. Even media channels are now broadcasting TV shows and movie trailers on YouTUBE. It is a great way to get your message across especially if you tie it into your BLOG. I like YouTUBE as a search engine enabler, it really helps optimize how your website is found, especially if you link your videos into your website and BLOG, cross pollination.
Twitter is the new kid in town and a micro BLOG that allows you to share what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Twitter is designed to help quickly start building a larger social network. For instance, with Twitter, you may be following a user that has over 10,000 followers, that user is connected with you and decides to post a comment about you to their 10,000 person network, that is awesome. I recommended that you connect with Trevor Rudd, CEO of JobQuirk.com, follow him on Twitter, he is a social media king and helped me get started a while back. More importantly, I was able to offer him great value and in turn he broadcast a series of messages on my behalf to his large social media network.

So the following are some of the major tips that I wanted to leave you with today:
1. Use the right tools for you.
2. Take breaks, set a schedule for updating your social media tools, ie. 3 times a week.
3. Allocate 20 minutes to do this, schedule it in.
4. Form Alliances and Look for ways to collaborate on line. ie. Groups that you should join.
5. Help others by spreading the word. For example, at the Whitby Boot Camp, I spent some time with Ken, 'The Real estate Research Guru' New, AKA Ken the New Guru! Ken is with Re max and he can be reached at ken@teamnew.com he is outstanding as a result of his unique approach to research.
6. Cross Pollinate
7. Provide Value
8. Use a daily BLOG to enter information that is valuable to your audience.
9. Do a weekly video tip and upload that to your YOUTUBE channel.
10. Look for innovative ways to connect with the masses online.
11. Integrate areas on your website dedicated to allowing people to share opinions and insights.
12. Discover where your target audience is hanging out online and join them.
13. Build a business profile on your Facebook and link your suppliers, friends and associates.
14. Build in a social media mix into your marketing plan by stepping back and strategically assigning resources to this initiative.

Most importantly, Web 2.0 is about a 2 way communication. So Sheppard your brand online by actively listening to and participating in the conversation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just returned from Port Hope after delivering 2 successful personal branding boot camps. A special thank you to Wendy and Darlene from the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce for hosting this event and for the hospitality of Jeannie and Dave from the Hill and Bay B+B.

Even though this was a smaller crowd than I am typically used to, I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and interest in the delegates. These were exciting people focused on building their personal brand. They all interacted so well with me and took 3 hours out of their hectic schedule to invest in themselves. Regardless if my audience consists of 1,000, 100 or 10 delegates, I will still give them 190% of my creative energy and insight in helping them inspire to action. As I prepare for my Whitby Boot Camp on June 23.09, I will be emphasizing the power of social media in developing your personal brand. I especially get energized when I hit the Whitby crowd, they typically set me up in their local dinner theatres, a great venue with awesome music and acoustics. So on June 23, we will focus on creative principles for extending your brand into the market place, focusing on what social media tools are the best and why you can't avoid them.

We will look at unconventional strategies to getting noticed, and review some key principles that help make the top CEO's the most innovative. As always, it's going to be a great ride when the Red Bus rolls into town. So break open the Red Bulls and let the creative energy flow.

I am ready, are you? Creativity + Innovation will help you thrive.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspired in Istanbul

I just returned from a week stay in Istanbul where I delivered a full day workshop on Innovation and Creativity to an inspired group on companies. What an exciting trip. My first trip to Istanbul and hopefully not my last. I was inspired by the country, the host, Meltem and her amazing hospitality and professionalism. This is an amazing country and I would encourage anyone to visit this magical place. We arrived on Sunday May 31 after a 11 hour long flight with a connection in Amsterdam. The jet lag was pretty intense and we were wiped on the Monday. After sleeping for several hours, we enjoyed an evening of Turkish food at a local cafe. We spent all day Tuesday at the famous Blue Mosque and the infamous Grand Bizarre in Istanbul. This ancient land is full of incredible surprises not to mention Star Bucks! Instead of my usual double espresso, I went with a jolt of Turkish Coffee. Wednesday consisted of a full day workshop on the power of Innovation and Creativity to Thrive in today's marketplace. The session was framed around my 10 laws of creativity with amazing and focused content on Innovation and key principles and case studies from the top innovation companies.

- Innovation is inspired by ambition

- Innovation begins with optimism

If you are a business leader, wake up! Innovation begins with you. We await your call, your fighting spirit, and your belief in progress and possibility. The best ideas for innovation come from innovating outside of the box by challenging convention, the very place that you now stand.

My message and take-away for the delegates can be summarized as follows:

  • What are you recognized for? What makes you Innovative?

  • What is your largest barrier to Innovation?

  • What is unique that you need to cultivate within your organization?

  • What is your passion and your purpose?

  • What are your top expected outcomes?

  • What one thing could you do that would bring you to your next level of greatness?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gerry and Jack Canfield

I had the pleasure of sharing centre stage for a second time with Jack Canfield this past weekend, May 23.09. The audience consisted of over 500 plus people at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The event was hosted by Universal Energies and they did a spectacular job. My goal as Master of Ceremonies was to get the audience all fired up, inspired with enthusiasm and ready them for action. Jack and I spent some time throughout the day chatting once again about how his Success Principles program kick started my speaking career. Jack is an outstanding human being and I can't wait to spend more time with him. As I continue to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs, (when I am not speaking 100 days across the globe) I will always share Jack's inspiring message to my clients.

- Build Momentum and don't get hung up on the how or why.

- Focus on your end goals and fixate on the end prize.

- Take incremental steps every day to getting to your destination.

- Take the Ready, Fire, Aim mentality. This means you need to take action.

Many of the delegates have already reached out to me wanting to partner with me in promoting my new book, GET CREATIVE, others want to move into action and have signed up to coach with me, while others want to kick start their speaking career and are ready to coach through my speaker training program.

I love seeing people take action and go for what they want. This is the type of people I want to give me all to. This is why amazing speakers like Mike Lipkin and I have come together to offer a speaker training program designed to raise the level of individuals that want to become master presenters. I am getting ready for my week tour of Istanbul next week where I will be presenting on Creativity and Innovation. I am very excited about this international presentation focused on inspiring global companies to action, standing out and developing a stronger brand culture that engages their clients. Companies like like Virgin who use the power of branding and creativity to differentiate themselves from the competition and who take every day services and make them sexy with the power of their brand.

I have uploaded some new video posts to my YouTube channel, Gerry Visca so check some of these tips out. Have an outstanding week.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Burlington Branding Boot Camp

What a way to start my morning, a 6:00am jog around the block, a quick work out followed by an energizing smoothie! Why do I do this? To get into the zone, to creatively inspire a cast of entrepreneurs in Burlington today. I need to give them my all, and that requires creativity and inspiration. I was so impressed with this group today, thank you all for attending, I hope you got as much out of this session as I did!

I admire these entrepreneurs that take the time to invest in themseleves. You all worked well as a team and collaborated with a common goal in helping one another. I want to leave you with some tips for moving your personal brand and marketing plan development further:

Focus on getting clear with your personal brand. What and how do yor>u want others to preceive you?

What images best reflect your brand?

What 3 words differentiate you from the competition.

Get going on using social media based tools. Set up your twitter, Linked In and YOUTUBE accounts.

Be a rookie and be fascinated all of the time with everything around you.

Start collaborating with others that will help you acheive your goals.

Complete what you have started and finish like a champion.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A great interview with Panorama Magazine

I had a great interview yesterday with Pete Mitchell of Panorama Magazine in Burlington. The topic was on Social Media, Web 2.0. I focused on the branding of social media and how it can positively contribute your marketing mix and in building your personal brand. I am huge fan and advocate of Social media when used in a positive context. It is a great way to connect with the world in a very efficient and streamlined manner. It cuts through the noise and helps you get your message out with impact. Some of the tips that I discussed in my media interview include:

- Consider reaching a new and larger/organic audience with the use of social media.

- Unlike Web 1.0, which focused on lectures, Web 2.0 focuses on collaboration and opinion. So start improving the conversation. With Web 2.0, you don't control the message, anyone can shape it.

- Web 2.0 is an online platform that allows users to share insights, experiences and perspectives.

- The new communication model is about allowing your audience to provide feedback and insights.

- Web 2.0 is shaping brands, it is allowing users to define the experience about your brand so stop trying to control the message but rather focus on improving the message.

- One of the best ways to shepherd your brand online is to actively listen and participate to the conversation.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this post, please share your insight with others.

Friday, May 15, 2009



One of my favorite Branding Boot Camps would have been in Whitby Ontario last year. The event was very well run in their Dinner theatre and the vibe/energy in the room was absolutely outstanding. All of the details including the registration and the organization was outstanding. So, on June 23, 2009, I am returning to Whitby to deliver a morning High Energy style Branding Boot Camp. In this high-energy session, I will be:
  • Concentrating on how to develop a vision for your brand
  • How to brand yourself with the use of social media tools like YouTube
  • How to use unconventional marketing strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to ZIG when everyone else ZAGS

In addition, I will be focusing on how to apply my creative laws to engage and excite your clients and your prospects. So, don't miss out on a chance to get inspired to action on June 23. Connect with your Whitby Chamber of Commerce and tell them to reserve your HOT SEAT.

See you soon.

New Market is a New Market

I had the esteemed pleasure of inspiring over 45 individuals this week from the New Market Chamber of Commerce. I was impressed with this group in their abilities to embrace my creative laws in helping them thrive in 2009. There was little fear in this group but rather excitement, inspired energy and enthusiasm in collaborating with the delegates. Laughter continually filled the room and several champions within the audience inspired others with encouragement and participation. New Market is fortunate to have Debra Scott as one of their leaders and a group of ambassadors that can now go onto creatively inspire others. I have received several calls and emails from some of the delegates expressing their appreciation and their inspired state that has kick started creative action. The message really connected with this group, ZIG when everyone else ZAGS. New Market, you inspired me to continually raise the level of my performance and my message. I thank you for that and I look forward to spending more time with you all in the near future. Until then, have an outstanding summer and don't look back, only forward. Continue to spread the kudos, collaborate and build momentum. You are all champions in my book.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

WIRED = INSPIRED | Ontario Career Colleges get ROCKED

I had the pleasure of spending this past Thursday and Friday with The Ontario Association of Career Colleges in Niagara Falls. This was an amazing group of 130 delegates from all across Ontario, the elite of career colleges. The organization of the event was spot on, kudos to Lorna and the OACC team. This was a terrific group ready for inspiration. I kicked off the event with a 1 hour key note focused on the significance of creativity in the career college space. The group was dynamic and full of energy. Laughter filled the Hilton conference room as I made my way through the spaces between the tables. A technique that I like to use at all of my presentations, it helps me engage each and everyone in the audience. Following the key note I reconnected with a cousin of mine, Sam Visca, who owns a local electrical contracting company, it was great spending this quality time with him. I look forward to spending more time with the delegates from the various career colleges and to inspiring their group in the near future.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gerry Visca to open for Jack Canfield in Toronto May 23, 2009

I am really excited to have been selected as the Master of Ceremonies for the May 23, Jack Canfield event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I had the pleasure of sharing centre stage with Jack a year ago this month in Caledon Ontario at the Phenomenal View event. It was Jack Canfield that initially ignited me in 2007 to transform my life and become a speaker on a quest to creatively inspire 1 million people.

Several things attracted me to volunteer my services as MC for this unique event:

  • The opening performer to sing the national anthem, a seventeen year old girl Samantha Mutus who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 4. Despite her disorder, Samanatha has gone on to perform at major events and made it through the first round of Canadian Idol.

  • The tremendous efforts on the part of Universal Energies President and event organizer, Ginny.

  • The opportunity to help spread Jack's inspiring message to the attendees and be a part of this exciting and inspiring day.

If you want to be a part of this event, please feel free to visit: http://www.universalenergieseventplanning.com/

Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiring 175 people at the Buffalo Canoe Club

I just returned from an exciting evening talk to the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce AGM last night. The event was held at the Buffalo Canoe Club, a fantastic venue with great food and hospitality. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the event organizers, especially Steve Passero and Kim, the President of the Fort Erie Chamber. The organizers had me promote the upcoming October 2009 Branding Boot Camp. I touched on my 10 laws of creativity and had a bit of fun with the crowd. Considering we all had a bit of wine before my talk make for an engaging key note. Aside from a bit of noise from the bar from the folks that decided not to participate in the talk, overall the night was a success. I focused heavily on the significance of tapping into your Unique Ability and the power of Creativity when applied to all aspects of your personal and business life. The 10 laws of creativity that speak on relate to these different aspects in their own way. Let's take a look at that:

Your Unique Ability is the really the driving force behind it all. It impacts so many areas of your life, your happiness, your career and your relationships with those around you. Differentiate; Stand Out; Become a Master Presenter; Collaborate and Attract directly impact your business and your organizations ability to move their business forward and thrive.
Conditioning Your Mind, Building Momentum and Living Life with Passion are directly connected to the personal aspects of your life. To get from where you are to where you want to be, you must integrate these Creative Laws on a daily basis, only then can you start to creatively transform your life for positive change.

Especially now, this time, we are being forced to adapt and change, we have no choice, the world has changed so if we do not bend with it, adapt to it, we will not survive in it. We are going through hell so just keep moving, don't stop or you will be in hell. (according to Sir Winston Church hill).

Your Personal Brand, one of my favorite laws, what you do you want to be recognized for? How do you want to be perceived? You need to take the time and focus on you, what you are, why you exist and what is your life purpose.

I look forward to returning to Fort Erie in October for a full day Branding Boot Camp and working closely with the 100 attendees over this exciting high-energy packed day.

I will also be holding a full day Branding Boot Camp in my studio in Burlington on May 21, 2009 with 25 entrepreneurs so if this is something you would like to be a part of, please book your seat today by contacting my associate wendy@networkisg.com or by phone at (905) 528-6032.
Gerry Visca offered a multi dimensional key note address to our Chamber of Commerce membership at our annual general meeting. Layered with charisma, humour, and insight into the creativity that lies within all of us, he ignited the passion within our members to capitalize on their personal and business branding potential. We look forward to having him back in the fall for a full day workshop. Stephen Passero, Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 10 Laws of Creativity

I had the pleasure of being a part of a great event, The BIG THINK. Our team really pulled it off, kudos to the Redchair team and our sponsors. The planning, the execution and the key note speaking was spot on! March 27 and 28 will go down in history as a pivotal point in many of the attendees lives. Our goal was to inspire them to action and educate them on thriving in 2009. I arrived at King Bridge Centre exhausted and exhilarated from my previous key note in Toronto on March 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I was mentally and physically prepared to creatively inspire over the next 2 days. My team was focused and did a masterful job at setting up for the event the Thursday evening. Friday morning arrived at 5:00am, Emily and I started the day with a jog around their indoor running track. My blood was pumping and visions of an excited and inspired audience danced around my mind as I completed my 5th lap. The guests started arriving at 8:30 and I was on at 10:00am after being introduced my Adam Shields of the Business Link. From 10:00 - 12:00 I focused on creatively inspiring my audience with my ten laws of creative excellence. I will take a moment to summarize my laws here:

  • Uncover your natural ability, we all have a core genius inside of us, put on this earth for a reason, uncover your inner genius and align all of your actions into doing what you should be doing.
  • Condition your mind, once you start to understand that what you know has greater impact than what you have been taught in the past, you will start to attract the things you want most. The brain processes over 4 billion thoughts a day, your mind can only process 2,000 of them, so start to recondition your subconscious mind to focus on what you want most.
  • Create your own opportunities, don't wait for the opportunities to find you, go after them, align your actions with the things you want to create and start creating them now. This is your time, get excited and inspire others around you, focus on creating your life rather than defining your past life. Today is a whole new day, so start now.
  • Employ visualization and affirmations, a great way to shift your creative energy is to start focusing on what you are most grateful for. As you start to manifest the things you are focused on, be grateful for receiving it. Use the power of affirmations on a daily basis and focus on the end result.
  • Develop your personal brand, focus on developing your own personal brand, what do you want people to feel about you? What are the characteristics and emotions that you want to leave people with?
  • Build momentum, the key to kick start anything is to kick start it! Don't get caught up in over analyzing everything. Avoid letting yourself get in the way. Declare your intention and go after it, build momentum and get others around you engaged.
  • Collaborate and attract, you don't have to do it all on your own, use the power of collaboration to become even better than you currently are. Surround yourself with positive, creative and inspiring people.
  • Differentiate, when everyone else ZIGS this is the time for you to ZAG. Do whatever it takes to stand out, don't conform, re think everything, challenge opportunities. Be remembered as an individual or business that stands out. Focus on standing out and building awareness.
  • Become a master presenter, you have the power to engage and motivate your audience. Be present and focus on inspiring them to action. Your words have the power to transform so make every conversation meaningful and make it matter.
  • Live life with passion, you have one life to live, so start living it with passion and enthusiasm. Achieve balance in all aspects of your life, focus on you and what you want most.
Recent client testimonials:
“Gerry Visca is well known as an emerging creative speaker that helps people and businesses raise their level of creativity. We are so pleased to have had him as our key note speaker.”
Sheldon Leiba, President/CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade

“Anyone in Gerry’s session is going to walk away with a higher level of confidence in their own capabilities. Gerry get’s people to think about what their raw talents are. Gerry get you to ‘actionize’ on our unique talents and untapped opportunities”
Ellen McGregor, 2009 Chair Mississauga Board of Trade

“Energy is the corner stone of every presenter and the Mississauga audience got their money’s worth with Gerry Visca”
David Wojcik, TV Producer, Business in Motion

“Gerry Visca is so full of energy and great at waking and energizing his audience. I’ve never seen a speaker inspire an audience like Gerry Visca”
Soniya Ojha, Mississauga Board of Trade

“Gerry doesn’t worry about thinking inside or outside a box, there is no box with this guy! He knows how to awaken your inner passion”
Marie Fitzpatrick-Hall, City of Mississauga

Gerry Visca is an incredible motivator and genuine leader. He has the ability to inspire others and is an amazing networker. He strives on bringing others together and does very well at establishing connections. At the Big Think Event Gerry spoke to his audience with great ease and kept us all on our toes. I will definitely attend more of his events in the future!

Miranda McKenna, Real Estate Sales Representative Royal LePage Estate Realty Brokerage 2

Monday, March 23, 2009


An exciting week, as all around us the world continues to be shocked, events collapse yet my team and I along with Mike Lipkin continued on with our pursuit to creatively inspire 1 million people. For the past 3 months, I have worked 11 hour days to ensure our BIG THINK event is on. I am so pleased to announce that it is! For 2 days, Mar 27 and 28, along with my partners, stellar sponsors and Mike Lipkin, we will be focusing all of our energy over 2 days by inspiring between 75 and 100 BIG THINKERS. I am personally delivering 2 key notes at the BIG THINK, one focused on the Power of being a Master Presenter and a second focused on the magnificence of Getting Creative and unleashing your core genius.
Check out the program for Istanbul at: http://www.imiconferences.com.tr/innovation/index.php?content=overview

This is a busy week, prior to the BIG THINK on Friday, I will be delivering a luncheon key note in Toronto on Thursday March 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to the Canadian Special Events Magazine. I will be creatively inspiring 150 delegates from the tourism and hospitality industry to GET CREATIVE.

I recently received exciting news on 2 major key note presentations, thanks to my agency, The National Speakers Bureau. One is at the end of April to the Ontario Career Colleges, I have the esteem pleasure of working with this group in helping Ontario Career Colleges stand out and differentiate themselves. In June, I will be speaking internationally in Istanbul, Turkey on the Power of Innovation. This international group is looking for ways to be more innovative during these economic times. I look forward to all of these upcoming presentations and key notes, Emily and I will be sure to include thoughts on our trek through Istanbul later in June. Some other events that you can catch me at include:
  • March 26, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

  • March 27 and 28, The BIG THINK, KingBridge Centre, King City

  • April 1, The City of Hamilton Public Works Department

  • April 16, Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce AGM

  • April 30 and May 1, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Career Colleges of Ontario

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gerry Rocks Mississauga

I had the extreme pleasure of presenting to a team of 80 entrepreneurs and business owners on March 5 in Mississauga. A special thanks to Sheldon, Sonia and the whole Mississauga Chamber of Commerce. This was an outstanding crowd. The 4 Points Hotel did an outstanding job. My close colleague David of Business in Motion was there filming the morning session for his local TV show. Following the event, I packed up and as I headed out, I was thrilled to see a full page article on the front cover of The Business Times featuring Mike Lipkin and I. A special thanks to Rick Drennan.

Here are some of the comments from the crowd:

"It was my pleasure meeting you this morning, you are outstanding Gerry"

You are amazing and thank you once again."

"Thanks you for your nonspiritual boot camp this morning, by far the best I have seen! It really had me thinking about branding myself and my company."

"Gerry’s Branding Boot Camp should be a requisite at a local college or a university"

"Gerry is a fantastic speaker... held my attention, got audience participation, and inspired people to network"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Casting Call for our new Show

I was interviewed today, Mar.4 by CFRB at 12:30. Great interview with Dave Trafford, to listen to the interview, please visit the CFRB website link at:

Exciting news, I just received a call from our TV producer pitching our new TV show that you can be considered as one of our featured entrepreneurs:

Prominent and award-winning television producer Kevin Dunn of DunnMedia has joined forces with THE BIG THINK to seek out potential entrepreneurs, individuals or business owners
too be profiled in a new television series now in development.
Working with the senior partners of Redchair™ Branding, Gerry and Jean Visca, the show will follow companies and individuals who are going through the process of re- branding and personal development. Think you've got what it takes? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be considered for this new TV series. Applications for this casting call will ONLY be handed out at The BIG THINK on March 28th.

To receive a copy of your application, please ensure you visit the “Google Me This Batman” concurrent session being presented by Kevin Dunn on Saturday morning, March 28.

Seating is limited for this inspirational event so ensure you register today at http://www.redchairbranding.com/ to be considered for this casting call.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 27.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Upcoming Events to catch me in action

What an incredible 2 weeks it has been. I am staying focused on my goal to Creatively Inspire 1 million people and more importantly, inspire people to action. All of my actions are now aligned with my main goals. Resources and incredible people are coming my way and I am extremely appreciative of that. My business partner Jean has been outstanding in everyway andn my 2 other senior partners Wendy and Vittoria have done a stellar job. The speaking line up for the next 2 months is outstanding:
  • March 5th I am conducting a Branding Boot Camp In Mississauga through the Mississauga Chamber of Commerce
  • March 27th and 28th I am at the BIG THINK in Toronto, KingBridge Centre together with Mike Lipkin and my team. Be a part of this event, you won't want to miss out on a chance to be with a host of amazing BIG THINKERS.
  • March 26th I am speaking at the Canadian Events Perspective Magazine expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as their luncheon key note.
  • April 30th I am the key note speaker in Niagara Falls for the Ontario Association of Colleges. My topic is focused on how to brand a private college.

Stay tuned for more exciting events. Cheers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Inspiring Guelph Ontario on a Saturday Morning

A special thank you to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Lloyd and Wendy and all of the Branding Boot Camp sponsors who did an outstanding job this past Sat. Feb.21.2009. This was a special Boot Camp for me. Talk about a rush and the need for major caffeine. For starters, I moved into my new house all day and night on Friday evening. No sleep and waking up at 5:30 to drive to Guelph to inspire and motive a large audience wanting everything from me. This is what it is all about. Creatively inspiring 1 million people means I need to be ready at all times, morning, afternoon or evening. Even though my mind was occupied with the day before with movers and walls coming down to make way for over-sized furniture, I had to focus on the task at hand. These entrepreneurs signed up for a 3 hour morning to get inspired and motivated on how to 'Create their life' and brand themselves. After 6 cups of coffee and an energy bar, I was on, full throttle in one of the best venues I have spoken at, the award-winning Rozanski Hall at the University of Guelph. I loved the audience, the energy, the opening lines and the cast of sponsors. What I took away from this event, was that no matter how tough life gets or how fatigued you feel, when you are in alignment with your life purpose, you can accomplish anything.
Thank you to the Guelph Mercury for a great write up:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the news on NSB

I am increasingly impressed with The National Speakers Bureau and their ability to re-invent themselves during this creatively challenging time. Their new website and ability to streamline information is excpetional. The full team under the direction of Theresa Beenken is stellar to say the least. I am extremely grateful to be listed as one of their preferred speakers and to be featured in their news area: Check it out at: http://nsb.com/news/page:8

The ART of thinking BIG

Gerry Visca is focused on helping Mississauga GET CREATIVE, more in the Mississauga News
http://www.mississauganews.com/article/23985 I am looking forward to this upcoming Branding Boot Camp. Having grown up in Mississauga, I had the pleasure of attending TL Kennedy High School ans playing tennis at Cobblestone Courts and ORC. This is an incredible city with great growth potential. I look forward to March 5, 2009.

I am so pleased to be a part of more and more speaking opportunities across the country. I was interviewed on The Hamilton Spectator this week both in print and also on video. There are 50,000 speakers world-wide and my goal is to be an inspiration to action. This is my message to help people, businesses, entrepreneurs GET CREATIVE. This is an art, an action that must be taken by businesses today more than ever. During my talks, I focus on my 10 laws of Creativity:

1. Uncover Your Natural Ability
2. Condition Your Mind
3. Developing Your Personal Brand
4. Build Momentum
5. Collaborate and Attract
6. The Art of Differentiation
7. Become a Master Presenter
8. Create Your Own Opportunities
9. Visualization Affirmations Gratitude
10. Live Life with Passion

This week was extremely thought provoking and full of creative energy. We have all of our BIG THINK sponsors in place and on track for bringing 200 BIG THINKERS together on Mar 27 and 28 at our BIG THINK in Toronto. These are people, entrepreneurs and businesses that want more then ever to learn the tools to thrive in this new market place. They are arriving in bus loads, car pools full of excitement and energy. The big thinkers are not giving in, rather, they are thinking outside the white box, they are getting RED, fired up, inspired to take action and network with their peers. I personally look forward to interacting with each and everyone of them. I have devoted the next 14 days to meeting with over 1,000 people across the GTA illuminating them as to the value of being a part of the BIG THINK.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gerry on Guelph Radio and Rogers TV

I had the pleasure of spending the day in Guelph with Lloyd, Wendy and the Guelph Chamber of Commerce team promoting the upcoming Feb.21.09 Young Professionals Boot Camp. What an exciting day! We started at 8:30 with a radio interview on Magic 106.1 with Lisa and Kevin impressed with the professionalism of this radio station and their goal of getting Ellen DeGeneres on their show. Following our 'Magic' morning, we headed down to Kitchener for a 11:50am TV interview with Rogers Television, Susan and Terry. A great interview, made my hair spike up (more than usual). The focus on the interview? How to GET more CREATIVE with your life, your business and your approach. How to present like a master, how to attract what you need and want most in your life. How to take yourself and your team from being good to being OUTSTANDING. Following our TV interview, we haded down to University of Guelph to tour the Rozanski Hall that I will be presenting at on Feb.21.09. This is a very impressive facility and absolutely perfect for a 600 person Boot Camp. The theatre style setting, high-tech jumbo screen and masterful acoustics will allow me to 'supercharge' the audience on Feb.21. A great sunny day, great energy in Guelph, lunch at Turtle Jacks, how can you go wrong on a Monday morning. Looking forward to inspiring you all on Feb 21.2009, for more information on how to sign up for this Boot camp, visit http://www.guelphchamber.com/.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Off to Snowy Timmins

I was impressed when the community of Timmins asked me to come out and deliver an inspiring Boot Camp to their Business Owners. Like many other travellers, I was held up at the Toronto Airport for over 5 hours pending my trip in a small propeller plane to Timmins on Wednesday, January 27 via Air Canada JAZZ. Once I arrived in Timmins, a surprisingly pleasant flight I might add (after they finally got the propellers to work), I was greeted by Steven, a great guy with the Timmins Chamber of Commerce who shuttled me to my Hotel, The Days Inn (that is a whole story itself, Room 645, beware!) I delivered a high-impact key note to the Timmins Business Community. They were an excellent group, completely transformed and illuminated with my creative energy. In the back of my mind, I was contemplating how much I loved that our TV producer would be pitching our TV show in Washington this weekend. I enjoyed a book signing following my event and an excellent interview with a local reporter.
Now for any of my friends visiting the Days Inn in Timmins, let me warn you now to avoid room 645. I cannot speak for the rest of the rooms only for this one.
My experience started with the bathroom, to my surprise, upon lifting the
toilet seat, I was greeted by what seemed to be the past occupants 'last
supper'. I immediately turned on the tap to wash my hands only to be sculled by
the 180 degree water. Unfortunately, it took 20 minutes for the cold water
to finally come on and cool my third degree burns. I decided to contact
the front desk, however, one would need a phone that actually worked! A long day
so I decided to hit the sack only to experience yet my final frontier with Room 645,
yes, the sheets and pillows were covered in hair and full of odours from what I
could only guess were the past 10 guests. I assume it was just easier for the
Chamber maid to make the bed as opposed to actually changing the
sheets. This may have something to do with the major migraine that I
experienced the morning of my presentation.
Aside from room 645, the Days Inn front desk and restaurant staff were superb, unfortunately, I do not think I will be returning to Room 645 anytime soon.
Moving forward, there are several Ontario communities are interested in having us bring our inspirational BIG THINK events to their community. I have personally touched over 55,000 people to date. These people have gone onto inspire thousands of others. I have seen new authors emerge, new business entrepreneurs and existing businesses re-ignited with a new sense of purpose. When we all come together, great things can and will happen.

I will creatively inspire 1 million people who will in turn inspire 1 Billion world-wide. I am dedicated to perfecting my craft and my inner 'Picasso' which is to Creatively Inspire People to Action.

Some exciting things are happening over the next few weeks.
1. Look for the Hamilton Spectator on Sat. Jan.31 for a full page article by Meridith MacLeod, an excellent Business Reporter who interviewed me this past Monday.
2. The BIG THINK on Mar 27 and 28 has attracted a full line up of stellar sponsors, we want you there!
3. Feb 21, 2009, I will be inspiring 600 young professionals at the University of Guelph so be a part of this outstanding event and contact the Guelph Chamber of Commerce for more details.
4. I will be interviewed on Feb.2 in Guelph by the Magic 106.1 radio station also on Rogers TV in Guelph promoting the Guelph event.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Branding Boot Camps Hit Port Hope

I just returned from my two day creative Boot Camp tour through Port Hope and TrentHills. My journey commenced on Tuesday evening with a peace full drive along the 407 (while listening to a Mike Lipkin CD) to the architecturally historic Port Hope. I was welcomed with open arms by the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce. I had the sincere pleasure of lodging at the historical Dr. Corbett Inn. I was thoroughly impressed with the details and hospitality of this charming Inn. My inspirational Boot Camp in Port Hope was delivered to an intelligent audience of business owners and entrepreneurs in the Capital Theatre on Queen Street. Following the Boot Camp, I was interviewed by a reporter who was intrigued with my goal of creatively inspiring 1 million people. I enjoyed the charm of this wondrous municipality, thank you to Wendy and her Port Hope Chamber team.

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your presentation to the Port Hope Chamber. I have to say that when I heard about it, I thought, what could I possibly learn? I have been in advertising and promotions for over 30 years, but you renewed the zest within me. You gave me the inspiration I needed to go in the direction of what I know and who I am. Thanks so much Jennine Huffman"

Following the Port Hope Boot Camp I made my journey north to the town of CampbellFord in Trent Hills. This community is known for it's award-winning chocolate and cheese factory. I was impressed with the hospitality from Nancy and her amazing Chamber team. My inspirational words were well received by this intimate audience. There was even discussion about bringing our BIG THINK to serve both of these communities. Next week, I am off to sunny (and very cold) Timmins to inspire their community.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where is Gerry Speaking in 2009?

Greetings and Happy New Year to all. Wow, what an exciting line up for 2009. This year promises to be filled with inspiring and creative energy. We are already experiencing success stories from Entrepreneurs making it happen and creating their desired life. I wanted to take this opportunity to extend each and everyone of you the very best for 2009. We have some exciting partnerships and events scheduled for Jan and Feb 2009. The Chambers of Commerce across Ontario have scheduled the following Branding Boot Camps:

  • Jan 21, 2009 Port Hope and Port Hills Chambers of Commerce

  • Jan 29, 2009 Timmins Chamber of Commerce

  • Feb. 21, 2009, Guelph Young Professionals Boot Camp

  • Mar 5, 2009, Mississauga

  • Mar 27 & 28, King City, THE BIG THINK

  • May 12, 2009 New Market

Sat, Feb. 21, 2009, I am speaking to 600 young professionals in partnership with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The event will be hosted at the Rozanski Hall at the University of Guelph. I am extremely excited about the potential of this particular key note. This provides me and the community of Guelph, a unique opportunity to creatively inspire a large group of people who will in turn become inspirational ambassadors.

March 27 & 28, 2009, I am speaking with Mike Lipkin at our first BIG THINK event in King City.

I look forward to Creatively Inspiring you in 2009 and helping you reach your full potential. I am focused at providing you with the tools and the motivation to help you uncover your unique ability and start to create your desired life.