Why Time

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

No one saves us but ourselves

The ending to that line by ancient philosopher - Lao Tzu is: 'no one can and no one will.' I learned of Lao Tzu thorough my inspired mentor Dr.Wayne Dyer who passed away this week. Inside all of you is a massive internal power source that when ignited can change you and inspire others to do the same. So many people suffer needlessly as a result of waiting for others to change and to accept us when all of your power remains with you. Your voice is the only one that matters.  Your voice is the only one that needs to boom louder and when it does - when you are able to be that change that you are seeking you won't require any external validation. This is your greatest opportunity for growth and your time to master your life. No one saves you but yourself. No one can and no one will. You are the light and you will create the way.