Why Time

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are you Listening?

You've asked to play big, you've asked the universe for what you want. You've decided to create a new story for yourself, the one that you've always wanted to create and believe you deserve.   You've had enough of playing that old record over and over. You're ready to create your life your way. You're clear on who you are becoming in the process and you know only one direction and that's GO! 
So are you listening? In my latest book titled 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share an insight called - listen with the intent to understand. Are you choosing to listen to your heart or are you still letting others influence you? Are you listening to the ones that believe in you and support your journey or are you listening to the nay-sayers who chose to have their life created for them by others. Are you listening to the leader within you knowing that you have what it takes to help others succeed and push through their comfort zone so they can create their desired life. You were born as pure potential and perhaps you're just starting to realize that power now, keep listening to the only thing that matters, you, here, now, in this moment. When your inside voice is more profound than anything external then you will have mastered your life.