Why Time

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Structural tension closes the GAP

The power of your mind to bring a perceived thought into reality is acheived through a process referred to as structural tension. Your mind wants to close or bridge the gap between what you want to acheive and your current reality. The key is to focus your mind on a daily basis with intense visualization - see, feel and experience the end result clearly in your mind.  Your subconscious only knows and experiences creative, intuitive, emotional and sensory feelings. In this part of the mind, it only knows possibility and potential. When you consistently feed and fuel your subconscious with positive visualization, your mind wants and needs to close that gap. It will trigger creative and intuitive responses so you make choices that attract the resources to make your thought a reality. 

As a leader, it is necessary to continually inspire and motivate your team with the power of your WHY. Help them see and feel the end result so they can continually fixate on the end prize. Guide them on a daily basis with a deeper understanding of why you exist and their bigger contribution. Strive to connect them to your vision, help them feel that they are not alone and connected to something even greater than themselves. 

Understanding this power of structural tension will help you make more powerful choices, create better success habits and improve the way you look at your life. Know that you have the power to change any current circumstance by deciding how you want to look at it, only then will it change since you are the one changing. You are the creator of your universe.