Why Time

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lead knowing WHY

Over the past several years my inspirational work has evolved deeply around the power of WHY with the intention to shift the worlds energy through a direction that supports a new purpose for humanity. These three letters WHY represents a new mantra and way of being that I define as the World Helped by You. We have been living in what is defined as a 'connection age' yet I feel that our world is far more disconnected than ever. Our innovation in technology has evolved with the intention of connecting our minds and our external world through a cross pollination of inter-connectivity. I embrace this movement and advancement - it has allowed me to extend my reach and create in even greater speeds however my intention for the world is to innovate with new ways of connecting with our hearts and soul.

Over the next 18 months I will be delivering 3 evolved talks under this umbrella of WHY: Ignite your WHY - Lead knowing WHY and Unleashing WHY Power. I'm re-engaged and deeply committed to inspiring an even deeper connection to WHY we are all here - the contribution that we are meant to extend to others. Leaders have an opportunity and a privilege to look at their tribes and ignite a new sense of passion and purpose that resonates throughout their teams. Leaders can lead with a new inspired fuel that awakens an inspired spirit of possibility. Innovation coupled with connection to purpose is what will take us to the next evolution of thought for us all. 

Lead knowing WHY extends far beyond titles - rank advancements and corner offices. Lead knowing WHY is about charting a new path ignited through courage and passion with a desire to help us all. Our lives become even more meaningful when we strive to shine a light on others. This is a world inspired and one that I continue to imagine.