Why Time

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hold onto your Vision

Thank These past 6 months I've been diligently creating 2 new publications:  BIG DREAMERS, my newest book and VISIONARIES, our latest Defyeneurs MAG issue.  

What I've discovered along the way in interviewing dozens of extraordinary people is the significance of VISION.  Without it you are blind.  

VISION is like an inner GPS that connects your intention with the energy of the the 'UNSEEN'.  It keeps you [focused] only on what matters most to you.  

VISION attracts the way by keeping your heart open to the inspiration that flows your way.  

Anything I'm creating always starts with the 'end in mind'.  This vision becomes a living energy that aligns all of my actions.  

VISION is my candle in the dark and if you're up to some really great things then you're definitely going to be feeling your way through some dark spaces.   

VISION catches me when I'm falling down and failing better.  It cushions my fall so I can back up and get back on the path of living the only thing that matters, my WHY.  

And when I'm living my WHY I know the world is truly helped by me.