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Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Tip – An inspired breed of entrepreneurs

Some of my favourite entrepreneurs are the ones that continually push the envelope as to what is possible for them. They defy gravity and realize the power of believing in something bigger than themselves. As a rock climber I never look down only forward and upward. Successful entrepreneurs consciously decide to stay [focused] on what they’ve got to WIN and embrace the discomfort that comes along with their journey to realize their goals. Recognize that it takes great emotional strength to reach the next level of greatness. The more that you climb upward the stronger your emotional engine will become. The key is not to loose sight of your goals and never compromise your dreams. Your faith in you and all that you wish to create determines your destiny. Last year I was asked by Ryerson University and Queens University to inspire their students on the art of becoming an entrepreneur. I am always honoured to inspire younger generations to tap into their passion NOW. At the end of both presentations I was inspired by the lack of fear within these passionate individuals and the collective belief that they share in the power of ‘believing’. Recognize that there is tremendous power in the statement: I think therefore I receive. I recently launched a new creative movement referred to as DEFYENEURS™, an inspired breed of entrepreneurs. DEFYENEURS™ are just like you and made of the same stuff. They feel compelled and ready to tap into exploring their BIGGER purpose.

FACT: We all have a purpose. In the face of fear DEFYENEURS™ step into it.

DEFYENEURS™ surround themselves with greatness, like minded people and like energy.
DEFYENEURS™ actively seek out sources and movements of inspiration.
DEFYENEURS™ recognize the power of being part of an inspired community to help them stay the course and live their purpose.
DEFYENEURS™ get thrown off like everybody else but, build strategies and success habits that support them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
DEFYENEURS™ continually harness new levels of creativity to challenge the status quo.
DEFYENEURS™ continually build new levels of clarity around what they want and condition their mind, body and soul towards receiving it.

FACT: A goal can only be realized when you can condition yourself to receiving it.

DEFYENEURS™ live and breathe the concept of: ‘changing yourself - changes the world’. I encourage you all to join us on Twitter by typing in the ‘hash tag’ # DEFYENEUR and become a part of a new inspired movement. Together with a stellar cast of DEFYENEURS™ we are creating over 10,000 conversations designed to help entrepreneurs reach new levels of magnificence.

The August 23rd TANK is focused on inspiring a maximum of 11 ‘leaders’ that want to create a meaningful legacy. This intimate evening will be hosted at ThinkSPOT Burlington together with several DEFYENEURS. Gerry Visca is delivering a powerful presentation focused on ‘engaging your team’ to believe in a bigger purpose. Don’t miss out on this evening of inspired conversation and cocktails as Gerry Visca, Angela Kontgen and select DEFYENEURS™ inspire a group to new levels of greatness. To reserve your seat, contact gerry@redchairbranding.com this week. Your invitation is attached. On Thursday September 27th, we are rolling out the red carpet for the offical launch of DEFYENEURS™ magazine so mark that date down you won’t want to miss it.