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Monday, May 2, 2011

Increase Sales by Wearing Your Brand

[Picture it] - you overhear a great conversation among your top customers praising you and describing you exactly the way you want to be perceived.

Too often I see top level sales people with no 'defined brand'. All of us have the potential to influence the perception of others. Think about it, a brand is only given life by what we all think, feel and say about it. Branding is about developing an experience or soliciting an emotional response. We all have an image that we put out there, from the clothes we wear to the foods we eat to the skill sets we display at our place of work everyday. We are sending out signals to people all around us. Others are forming opinions on us based on these signals and the perception of our brand. So what are you doing to create, express and project your brand?
For me it can be defined this way:

  • Canada's Creative Coach with a mission to creatively inspire people and ideas to action.

HERE IS A PERSONAL BRANDING TIP: Approach those people closest to you and write down some works that they use to describe your brand. For instance, you may receive comments like: Dependable, inspiring, engaging, supportive, positive, passionate, educational and highly motivational. It is crucial that you solicit feedback on a continual basis in order to gauge the effects of the signals that you are sending out. Let's face it - an organization will communicate a certain culture and we as consumers will define what the brand is to us. As users of the brand we will further define what this brand means to us by the way in which people feel. However, once our customers start to look beyond the face of the organization they will get to know the people within and form immediate impressions that can last a lifetime.

Your personal brand is always in motion, from the clothes you wear to the words you use, your body language to the actions you take or don't take! So remember your brand is the ultimate reflection of who you are.