Why Time

Monday, October 19, 2015

What needs to change?

In my newest book titled - 'I don't what the hell I'm doing' I share with readers one of my favourite quotes: "Decide what you want most, take action and go get it." To many people fear asking this question and go through their lives never really getting what they want. It's easy avoiding this question and living day-by-day hoping that things will change. When you get clear on what you want you start to take action on what you want. For things to change you have to be willing to change. For things to get better you have to be willing to get better and rise above your current situation.  Change is good and the only true catalyst for growth. You can be the one that drives the change you are seeking and, you have all the control it just starts with you deciding what you truly want most and having the courage to take action and live it.