Why Time

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reach for it

Inside of you is an ability to be more and contribute your unique gifts to the world. 
Others around you have stopped dreaming so they will have you playing small so you don't leave them behind. You understand a different reality and that comfort suppresses your passion for the soul. You're ready for whole new levels. You want to surround yourself with dreamers and believers. 

Others will try and influence you to believe that you can't reach for more and that you don't deserve to receive new levels of greatness. You have nothing to prove but to yourself that you are here now to make your mark, to shine your light and to finally live the life you deserve. Everything upto this point has prepared you for this run. All of the failed starts, the set backs and the temporary pain was part of your conditioning preparing you for the most exciting ride of your life. Today and everyday from this point forward - reach for more we are all here to pull you up to the level you were meant to play at.