Why Time

Monday, March 9, 2015

Surrounded by Success

There are those that lift you up just by being surrounded by their energy and then there are those that literally can suck you dry and they don't even know it. The world has a way of throwing a lot of energy and people your way that have a tendency to want to hold you down from soaring. I have often written that it takes a defying gravity type of attitude to rise above these ankle biters. You have to believe that in your heart you are truly meant for more. You are here on this glorious planet at this point in time to contribute your unique gifts with the world. When you start to believe that you are connected to something bigger than yourself then you will attract the people that have a keen desire to help you fulfill your dreams. 

The key to greater happiness and fulfillment is to surround yourself with success. Seek out those that help insulate you from the dream stealers. Bask in their light and in their belief in you.

Find a way in

I meet so many people that are always looking for a way out of reaching for their dreams. They stop themsves before they even start. They intentionally place obstacles and hurdles in front of them. They let others influence their dreams instead of listening to their heart. It's far to easy to say yes to the thousands of distractions in your life but it takes courage and a relentless belief to pursue only one or two things that really matter most. 

Instead, fixate only on looking for a way in. To reach your dreams means you are going to have to look inside yourself. It's not easy but it's the only journey that will take you from where you are to where you truly want to be. Inside of you lives a deeper version of the real you that has always been there since the start.