Why Time

Thursday, June 18, 2015

#whyguy Do it anyway

It's easy to be filled with fear but do it any way. It's easy to let others influence us from stepping into our dreams but do it anyway. It's easy to let friends and family distract us from being who we need to be, but do it anyway.
When you choose to play full out and focus only on your dreams, you crush the fear with love for the path you're taking, others want to help you do it. Hell, none of us have much time left here anyway so why not you and why not now? Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You must be ready for a change!  If just doing the same thing over and over, expecting new results would have worked, then it world have worked by now.  I'm all about the notion that we are what we repeatedly do but it's time to be and do the right things that are going to move your life in an upward direction. 

Here's the thing, when you start to change the way you look at things everything changes, your attitude, your behavior and your habits so decide what you want most, feel the fear, take action and do it anyway.