Why Time

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Believe in the unseen

I meet so many people that live in a state of uncertainty about who they are and WHY they are here. I mean, they goto work to everyday to generate an income to pay for the things that they accumulated over time that supposedly would make them happy when all they really want is to simplify their life and have greater love and inner peace. Think about what you really want in this moment - are the things you are doing today really bringing you greater joy? Here is the thing over 95% of you are to busy rushing around this very moment unable to even listen to this recording yet preparing yourself to spend the next 8 hours doing the very thing that you don't want to do. Over the next 20 years most people will NEVER experience true peace and happiness. They will reach the end of their existence looking back upon the years that have passed them by and they will experience a deep sadness at that point and a sense of regret for NOT choosing to create, be and live the life that they really wanted for themselves. 

Once you understand that you created your own universe and all of the conditions that occupy your mind every second and minute of the day - you will realize your power to change it in the moment. 

We live in a material world that seems to overshadow and cloud the thing that we seek most. We feel that we have no choice but you are the one that made the choice to do the actions that have led you to this very place in your life. We all have been mislead by the promises of an external and material world that will deliver us happiness and yet the very intention was to keep us living in fear. We have all been seduced by the mass media, the retail ads, the big box stores, the pressure to keep up, the ankle biters that want to keep us down, the corporations that enslave us with 2% wage increases and job performance reviews.  

Here is the thing about the real world - it does not exist in the shopping malls or in the 2 car garage - it lives in the unseen domain where all of your power, joy, peace and greatness resides. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. We are meant to be and do great things for one another. We are meant to push the human race forward and we can all do it when we pause and savour the space between the notes. It's the void and the space that we cannot touch, that place in our mind that connects us to our true source that will allows us all to touch our hearts and connect to the only thing that will ever bring us inner peace. To know WHY you are here is the greatest revelation we can give a fellow human being. You don't need anything else everything is right here now ready for you to grab a hold of it and declare to yourself that this is the life that I am now going to create. Less is truly more.