Why Time

Friday, July 15, 2016

The time you have left

If you believe that your time on this earth is finite then you're probably ready to define and create your life now.  

I'm not referring to your current way of being and just surviving, I'm talking about the kick-ass life that your ready to rock!

Everything you've believed was possible has gotten you to where you are today.  All of the thoughts, actions and choices opened the door ways and the thresholds you crossed. 

Are you ready for what's next?  Have you defined what that looks and feels like with the little time you have left?  

Embracing the certainty of death is the greatest way to feel alive. I believe that you're not meant to play small.  What I know for certain is the moment you DECIDE to believe in something far greater than what you've seen you will unlock a whole new set of doorways that will reveal what you're really capable of.