Why Time

Friday, November 24, 2017

Be the Light

"Be the light"

"When we all Reach Out and Inspire others we create a new ROI for the world."

~ Gerry Visca

            I would like to share with you some energy from my new upcoming transformational novel called: "Why am I here?" I define this deeper 'Why' as the World Helped by You.  Inside each one us is a calling to our higher purpose, the light of our true selves. In this so-called "Connection Age" that we find ourselves living in, one only needs to look around and notice how "DISconnected" we truly are. We don't seem to look up any more.   

            I don't know about you but, somehow I don't think the "Bigger Picture" for humanity was to build more shopping malls, do you?    

            As we approach the final month of the year we all have a unique opportunity to embrace the light of our true potential. What is this light? It's people's true self, the real self, the soft chewy centre that intuitively knows its passion and purpose.  I'm not talking about the DISconnected 'self' that hides behind flat screens and pursues visions of grandeur through five easy steps. I'm referring to the self, that wants to contribute to the growth of humanity. Isn't that why we're all here?    

            I've often said that you don't need to know what the hell you're doing!  I think I even wrote a book about it.  However, you do need to know Why!  It's the deeper Why that lives and breathes inside of you, that will turn on the lights this holiday season. The first step is to believe that you are here for a much bigger reason. Trust in your unique gifts to reach out and inspire others, to find their light.

            So, why write about it? Twas the night before publishing when I could have drifted off to sleep. But something was stirring inside me. The light that drives my deeper Why, my reason for being was turned on.

            Not too long ago in a distant land far, far away. I chose to become what I was seeking. Throughout my wondrous journey towards the light, I arrived at a profound understanding that the very thing I was seeking was exactly what I wanted for others, "inspiration." I've come to appreciate the power of this word, "inspiration" which essentially means: "in-spirited" with one's life purpose.

            The times when you felt most inspired was when you felt the power of your inner light. It turned you on! You heard the faint whispers of your 'inner self', the oldest part of you, your soul. It spoke the language you abandoned a long time ago on your quest for success. So, what is this language? It's your passion, the things that bring you joy and your purpose, your contribution to others. And when you combine them you create the  meaningful outcomes in your life. 

            It has been said that our deeper purpose is revealed to us, seconds before our death. I say, why the hell wait for that defining moment. Act now. Do whatever it takes to ignite your bigger dream. Surround yourself with people that won't let you dim your light.  Perhaps, it's time to strike off the 'ankle biters' from your Christmas list.  Give away your unique gifts, freely to the world. Trust me, it's the greatest present they will ever unwrap. 

            What I know for certain, is a light of unbridled possibility, dwells within your soul.  It burns deeply inside of you like a fiery dragon. When you release it, your greatness will scorch the skies like a thousand fireworks.  Your light will burn in our hearts and it will inspire us to pick up the torch and dash to the finish line. Your light is what the world needs now, more than ever. When you choose to be the light, you crush the fear and you allow the love to flood your heart.           

            Here's the thing. You, my reader, mean the world to me.  I know what happens when you turn on that light. It will radiate out like a brush fire and inspire everyone else around you to "look up" and light their flame. 

            So, are you ready? Let's light this candle.