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Friday, October 21, 2011

Cool in Cornwall

As I enjoy my train ride back to Toronto, I am contemplating on the incredible week I just spent in Cornwall Ontario igniting a stellar cast of entrepreneurs as part of BIZFEST. Kudos to The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce for taking action in creating an outstanding week of inspiration for their membership. I love spending time with inspired entrepreneurs - individuals that defy gravity and [focus] not on lack but simply on what they wish to receive. BIZFEST was well branded and superbly executed thanks to the amazing efforts of Amy, Lezlie, Joey and TEAM Cornwall. This is how an event series should be run. I would like to highlight the details that truly resonated with me:

- The THEME: Two of my Creative Laws - Differentiate and Build the Brand Experience - this is exactly what The Cornwall Chamber set out to do. Instead of just putting on a one day business breakfast, they decided to establish a new branding experience. The BIZFEST look and feel was superb not to mention the slogan - Ignite your Passion. It was showcased as a week long festival with world-class speakers and facilitators. It was the right balance of inspiration and education. The theme was focused and the venue was superb. The development of a dedicated website site was extremely impressive, it built up momentum and integrated numerous social media tools.

- CROSS POLLINATION: The BIZFEST organizers did a marvelous job at capturing the energy of each day. Quotes, testimonials, idea boards and videos were uploaded daily to various social media networks. This was great to see and allowed external groups to get a taste and feel of the day's energy.

- EVENING NETWORKING: In addition to the action-packed Boot Camps that I delivered, I was impressed with various evening activities that allowed everyone to interact with one another in a friendly and casual atmosphere. There is an incredible energy and spirit among the people that attended BIZFEST. They all have a common goal to collaborate and lift one another up and is that not what community is all about?

I had the pleasure of inspiring an evening crowd of politicians and board members at a local hot spot known as Schnitzels. The venue was superb - the food amazing and the staff/owner stellar. I found myself craving the tastes of Schnitzels later the next day. There is no doubt that I will be returning to this fantastic venue - hungry for more. Spending a week in Cornwall allowed me to ignite a series of individuals one-on-one. As Canada's Creative Coach it is always an honor for me to stimulate one's journey. There is no doubt that theses entrepreneurs will help stimulate new growth for Cornwall.

As I looked out into the audiences I always feel key individuals that will go onto start something great. For many, they will continue doing the sames thing over and over expecting new results. As you approach the end of 2011 - what will make this the biggest and the best year ever? Make these next few months an opportunity to stretch into your greatness. Inspire all those around you, smile more, establish 3 new success habits that will prepare you for the ultimate ride in 2012. It's not enough to just be good - others around you are rising to a new level of magnificence. For some of you it requires focus and discipline and inspired action. Where does your energy need to flow? What two things do you need to balance? How will you maintain the creative momentum?

This is your time - you have been given the greatest gift of all - [awareness] you are now aware that you are aware. You know what you are starting to really hunger. You see/hear and feel the end goal clearly in your mind. You are taking action by laying out the preliminary steps and getting out of the starting blocks with inspiration, perspiration, determination and fascination....

Thank you Cornwall for an incredible week and for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

[Think] Cornwall

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