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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS | July 29 Boot Camp

I was recently interviewed on http://www.vividliferadio.com/ following my amazing Boot Camp in Whitby Ontario. I get this a lot, "You look like that guy Danny from American Idol!"
Due to popular demand, I am hosting a 'Hands on' Social Media Boot Camp on July 29 in my Burlington Studio. This is an expert session so make sure you contact my assistant sara@redchairbranding.com 905.528.6032 to register your hot seat. We are only working with 25 people at this workshop so be a part of the social media craze and learn how to harness the power of these tools. Social Media is helping me become one of the top speakers in Canada and i want you to learn how to make these tools a part of your marketing mix.

I just returned from being WIRED in WHITBY. I love this crowd, I love the intersection with Whitby, every time I leave this venue, I get more inspired to reach a new level. This was a diverse crowd, fully engaged, wide awake with new ideas and new possibilities for their brand. So to recap, we focused on the creative laws to help you build your brand, now that you have that in the works, you will be able to start focusing on building your new brand image on the web. I recommended the use of 3-4 social media tools:

1. FaceBook for business
Facebook actually started at Harvard as a means of sharing photos in prep schools. It is a great and user-friendly tool to connect with old friends and associates who share a common interest. It provides your viewers with an inside look at your personal interest. I like to think of it as a way to humanize your profile in business.
2. LinkedIN
Where Facebook is more personal, Linkedin is for business. It is a great tool to connect with the business community on business matters. One of the great features of LinkedIN is that you can endorse/recommend other people. Many job recruiters use this tool to cyber-surf great candidates. Many of them will only go by the recommendations that you have in your LinkedIN account.
3. YouTUBE for video uploads
Is referred to as a video sharing site which is now owned by Google. You can upload unlimited videos, create a channel, add comments and response to other videos that you review. It has revolutionized how we view, upload and download videos on the net. Even media channels are now broadcasting TV shows and movie trailers on YouTUBE. It is a great way to get your message across especially if you tie it into your BLOG. I like YouTUBE as a search engine enabler, it really helps optimize how your website is found, especially if you link your videos into your website and BLOG, cross pollination.
Twitter is the new kid in town and a micro BLOG that allows you to share what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Twitter is designed to help quickly start building a larger social network. For instance, with Twitter, you may be following a user that has over 10,000 followers, that user is connected with you and decides to post a comment about you to their 10,000 person network, that is awesome. I recommended that you connect with Trevor Rudd, CEO of JobQuirk.com, follow him on Twitter, he is a social media king and helped me get started a while back. More importantly, I was able to offer him great value and in turn he broadcast a series of messages on my behalf to his large social media network.

So the following are some of the major tips that I wanted to leave you with today:
1. Use the right tools for you.
2. Take breaks, set a schedule for updating your social media tools, ie. 3 times a week.
3. Allocate 20 minutes to do this, schedule it in.
4. Form Alliances and Look for ways to collaborate on line. ie. Groups that you should join.
5. Help others by spreading the word. For example, at the Whitby Boot Camp, I spent some time with Ken, 'The Real estate Research Guru' New, AKA Ken the New Guru! Ken is with Re max and he can be reached at ken@teamnew.com he is outstanding as a result of his unique approach to research.
6. Cross Pollinate
7. Provide Value
8. Use a daily BLOG to enter information that is valuable to your audience.
9. Do a weekly video tip and upload that to your YOUTUBE channel.
10. Look for innovative ways to connect with the masses online.
11. Integrate areas on your website dedicated to allowing people to share opinions and insights.
12. Discover where your target audience is hanging out online and join them.
13. Build a business profile on your Facebook and link your suppliers, friends and associates.
14. Build in a social media mix into your marketing plan by stepping back and strategically assigning resources to this initiative.

Most importantly, Web 2.0 is about a 2 way communication. So Sheppard your brand online by actively listening to and participating in the conversation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just returned from Port Hope after delivering 2 successful personal branding boot camps. A special thank you to Wendy and Darlene from the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce for hosting this event and for the hospitality of Jeannie and Dave from the Hill and Bay B+B.

Even though this was a smaller crowd than I am typically used to, I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and interest in the delegates. These were exciting people focused on building their personal brand. They all interacted so well with me and took 3 hours out of their hectic schedule to invest in themselves. Regardless if my audience consists of 1,000, 100 or 10 delegates, I will still give them 190% of my creative energy and insight in helping them inspire to action. As I prepare for my Whitby Boot Camp on June 23.09, I will be emphasizing the power of social media in developing your personal brand. I especially get energized when I hit the Whitby crowd, they typically set me up in their local dinner theatres, a great venue with awesome music and acoustics. So on June 23, we will focus on creative principles for extending your brand into the market place, focusing on what social media tools are the best and why you can't avoid them.

We will look at unconventional strategies to getting noticed, and review some key principles that help make the top CEO's the most innovative. As always, it's going to be a great ride when the Red Bus rolls into town. So break open the Red Bulls and let the creative energy flow.

I am ready, are you? Creativity + Innovation will help you thrive.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspired in Istanbul

I just returned from a week stay in Istanbul where I delivered a full day workshop on Innovation and Creativity to an inspired group on companies. What an exciting trip. My first trip to Istanbul and hopefully not my last. I was inspired by the country, the host, Meltem and her amazing hospitality and professionalism. This is an amazing country and I would encourage anyone to visit this magical place. We arrived on Sunday May 31 after a 11 hour long flight with a connection in Amsterdam. The jet lag was pretty intense and we were wiped on the Monday. After sleeping for several hours, we enjoyed an evening of Turkish food at a local cafe. We spent all day Tuesday at the famous Blue Mosque and the infamous Grand Bizarre in Istanbul. This ancient land is full of incredible surprises not to mention Star Bucks! Instead of my usual double espresso, I went with a jolt of Turkish Coffee. Wednesday consisted of a full day workshop on the power of Innovation and Creativity to Thrive in today's marketplace. The session was framed around my 10 laws of creativity with amazing and focused content on Innovation and key principles and case studies from the top innovation companies.

- Innovation is inspired by ambition

- Innovation begins with optimism

If you are a business leader, wake up! Innovation begins with you. We await your call, your fighting spirit, and your belief in progress and possibility. The best ideas for innovation come from innovating outside of the box by challenging convention, the very place that you now stand.

My message and take-away for the delegates can be summarized as follows:

  • What are you recognized for? What makes you Innovative?

  • What is your largest barrier to Innovation?

  • What is unique that you need to cultivate within your organization?

  • What is your passion and your purpose?

  • What are your top expected outcomes?

  • What one thing could you do that would bring you to your next level of greatness?