Why Time

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



"What the hell do you want Gerry?" This was the question, well certainly one of them that kick started everything.  

Answer- "to inspire others..."

What followed was; "What are you seeking Gerry?"

Answer, "Love, peace, inspiration."

When you decide to take 100% responsibility for deciding what you want then you receive what you ask for.  

This sounds easy enough right but most of us have lived 1/2 of our loves never contemplating the BIGGER questions.  

Where do these questions lead? Well when you start living them BIGGER ones show up!

"Why are you here Gerry?" It's the only question that matters in the end.  Why and what am I meant to be and do with the time I've been given? 

I believe that the moment you commit yourself to this 'way of being' then the way will reveal itself.  Your job - cross the threshold. Take powerful action.  Believe it's possible and receive the love you deserve.   

#whyguy #bigdreamers