Why Time

Monday, January 30, 2017

Let it be

Let it be

You've spent your whole life in a state of immense doing. This conditioning has you being defined by 'doing more.'

You've given away your life energy to fulfill other people's incessant need to achieve more.  

How is this working out for you thus far?  What do you really long to experience in your one precious life: Inner peace, balance, ease and flow? How about a sprinkle of fulfillment and a dash of passion?

Every moment you have a choice like now, here reading this mornings WHY BLOG which I am eternally grateful for.  I write and share these words because they're in my heart.  It's my inspired way of being.   

I chose to stop operating the 'DOING MACHINE' while under the INFLUENCE a long time ago! It was a time when I finally remembered WHY the fuck I'm here!

What if you chose to just BE.  Sounds simply delicious. Most simple things are. And you'll find that learning how to BE fills you up at whole new levels.   

This is your opportunity to reCONNECT with the light that was always there. Take the time to remember the moments that brought you joy and the elated feeling of serving others with your simple gifts.   

Let it be. Again.