Why Time

Friday, July 1, 2016

Where is the Joy?

I just returned from hosting a 2 day WHY Intensive retreat.  The driving theme was creating a vision that connects.  When you are living with greater passion everyone around you feels your joy.  Can it really be that simple?  Why can't it be? 

Why do we choose to complicate so many things in our lives that takes us away from living our joy?  

When you were a child you knew what brought you joy.  Then somewhere between the age of 14 and 40 you decided that joy was no longer a priority. In the organizations that I inspire - if it's not connected to the so-called ROI then it's eliminated.  

Why do we eliminate the things that have the power to bring meaning, happiness and fulfillment to our lives? Do you not want to wake up each day feeling a tremendous aura of excitement and enthusiasm?  

What's your personal ROI? Mine is to inspire 1 Million people to REACH OUT & INSPIRE others.   Isn't that a world worth creating? Don't we all want to leave this earth knowing that we mattered and contributed to others in some way?

I think you want the same thing.  You and I - we're all connected to the same energy that gives us life.  Our time here on this earth is finite.  One more deep breath and that may be it.  

Today and everyday from this moment on, decide to take 100% responsibility for the life you've been given.  Decide to live with greater joy.