Why Time

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Look for Time

So many people ask me Where do I find the time to create, inspire and publish on a consistent basis.  I look for it! I don't wait, I act. Here is the thing, we all get the same 24 hours in a day and I'm not going to waste that precious time. The bigger question is what are you planning on doing with yours? 

Time is an amazing thing. We think we have so much of it and it's endless and forever available in demand. Sadly it's not. Time can be taken away from any of us in the blink of an eye. Time is a priviledge and in my 24 hours, I'm going to spend it making my mark on the world. Taking daily action by creating even just one focused hour of power will transform your life. Units of time are everywhere, an hour before the world is awake, your 1 hour commute to the office or the 2 hours spent watching your much needed TV shows.  Imagine using that time to create meaningful goals, to pour yourself into others, to write a page a day or to sit and meditate in stillness. Imagine using your driving time to listen to inspirational authors? What would happen to your health and energy if you spent 30 minutes a day walking, biking, running or swimming?

Time is a gift and an energy. It's your leverage to make a difference, to be better today than you were yesterday. Time is a fulcrum that allows you to push yourself forward. Time does not stand still, it is daily and forever in forward motion. It does not allow you to transport yourself into the past nor does it leap you into the future. Time is NOW, this moment, where you find your greatest gifts, your happiness, your joy and inner peace. It's NOW that you can love unconditionally and create the greatest chapter of your life. Time wants you to take action now not later but here in this moment. 
It's your time, the greatest present of all. 
How will you use it before it's to late?