Why Time

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Will the REAL you stand up

You ever feel as if you are continually defined by DOING? We live in a world that celebrates an incessant need to DO more.  

What if the path to happiness and fulfillment actually lives in the realm of BEING?  Developing the capacity to savour less helps you remember who you really are.  

Everyone of us was born as a perfect being of light and pure potentiality. We have some how lost our way back to that light, to whom we truly are.  

What if we chose to inspire everyone to return to this inner-light and embrace the power of becoming who we were meant to be.  

Imagine existing from that new state of being.  We would create a world filled with love, passion and purpose.  A universe without judgement, fear, competition, DIS-ease or lack.  

Imagine waking up everyday with greater levels of inner peace. We all have the power to create and shape our world.  We can help others navigate their way towards creating a world that was meant to nurture one another's true gifts. 

Today, choose to be the REAL you and inspire others to do the same.