Why Time

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 2: reinvention - Make a list of your obstacles

We live in a universe that is continually expanding. Our need to add more to our lives is accelerating at a faster rate. One only needs to look at Technology to experience this form of acceleration. How many cell phones have you purchased in the past 10 years? Now multiply that by 7 billion people! So many people I meet are focused on adding more to their lives and getting sucked into an energy of keeping up with the Jones.  Days, weeks and months seem to speed up faster and faster which has you questioning WHY am I here? What am I meant to be, create and experience?

The WHY behind this 30 day focus of reinvention is to help you reconnect with you and what mattes most. Today, focus on identifying the energy, mundane tasks and people that no longer serve your bigger picture. You are in a state of reinvention. To fulfill your destiny you must allocate your creativity, passion and love to only the people and activities that will move you forward. When creating your list, qualify each item with the question: is this task or person adding to the richness of my deeper WHY? Is it helping me become aware of the bigger picture of myself? Is it aligned with my goals and more importantly , my way of being in this universe.