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Friday, April 3, 2015

Defyeneurs A Real Platform

Dream Again Day 2: Create a Vision Board

You need to see where you are going in order to arrive at your destination. You need to feel the feelings of having already acheived it. This is what stops most people from moving themselves from where they currently are to where they need to be. Create an inspired vision board for your life. See yourself in 5 years and architect the end goal. Once you see that you are a creator and a conductor you will master your life. Use images and words that really move you into action. Pour your heart and all of your inspired energy towards creating it. 

I love inspired vision boards - they allow you to really live the energy of the moment. I post them everywhere as a reminder of all the great things that I am creating in this moment.  Your vision board becomes your life map leading you towards your ultimate destination.