Why Time

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Think again

It wasn't that long ago when you set an intention on what you wanted to create for yourself.  Over the past few months you've most likely been in the trenches taking action and working your plan.  Now is the time to look up and think about your journey.  Think about the path you're on and reflect on the milestones that you've reached.  Think about what brings you the greatest joy.  What lights you up? What brings you greater fulfillment and inner-peace?

Hard work with no play will not bring you the balance that you're seeking.  It's time to think again about all areas of your life.  It's ok to look up every once in a while and take notice of where you are so you can readjust your compass.  The more aligned you are with your vision the more effective you will become.  

Defining yourself and pursuing success is often a lonely road.  If you think you're alone - think again.  The world sees you and is busy clearing the path for you to cross that finish line.