Why Time

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Who was your greatest influence?

I believe that everyone that enters your life is meant to teach you something about your life!  Long ago before this lifetime, you made an agreement with others and they are showing up exactly the way you need them to.  

It's hard to see it at first, however when you open your mind with this question in that moment, everything changes: 'What am I meant to learn from this person?'  

Everyone is a teacher. The most negative people in your life remind you of who you wish to surround yourself with. The unreasonable demands from others teaches you to respect yourself and to say no to the thousands of distractions.  The emotional triggers from your past reminds you to focus on who you are and the direction you are moving in.  The ankle biters that try and hold you down reminds you that you are meant to aim high and fly. 

Today, live this question - 'Who was your greatest influence' send them love and light, smile with your heart and know that you are on the path to creating and living your most extraordinary life.