Why Time

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Make today your masterpiece

What would have to happen today to make this year the BIGGEST and the BEST one yet? What one thing could you do today that if you did it would make everything else come together? What if you only had today to make your dream a reality, knowing that, what would you be prepared to do? Today is a new day that will set you FREE if you are prepared to let it. What if today was your masterpiece then what would you create. What if you only had one shot to make your goal a reality, would you take it and seize this moment? Sometimes opportunities are only presented to us as moments in time - small windows and it's our responsibility to own it and be everything we can in that moment. What if that one shot, that one moment never appears again? What would it take to create a greater sense of urgency in your life today, not tomorrow or next month but today? What if you put aside all the excuses, the fears and the doubts and made today your one masterpiece? Who would you be in that moment? What if just for one day you summoned 20 seconds of courage knowing that it would change your life. What if today was your last day to find and lose yourself in the life that you have been craving to create? What if all the past years of action and conditioning was just preparing you for today. 

Going day-by-day hoping for someday to appear is easy to do but breaking through your ceiling of complexity is going to require a new level of courage, belief and discomfort. It's going to require you to become something different in this moment. It's going to require you to own this moment. Live today knowing that you are creating your masterpiece.