Why Time

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 3: Who do I wish to attract?

As we enter day 3 of the 28 day Difference maker plan I want you to live this question all day. Who do I need to attract?  Think about it, what would make this the most explosive year of your life? 

When you decide to become all that you can be and believe in yourself, you will start attracting the people that want to lift you up on their shoulders.  Are you ready to receive those gifts? 

The most extraordinary Angels are continually showing up in your life but you have to be open to seeing them in order to receive their gifts.  You have to look up and embrace the magic and the power of what you've asked for.  

Attracting the relationships and the love is about becoming the love that you're seeking.  It all starts with you changing your vibration and becoming an energy magnet.  So how do you raise your vibration? One word, Gratitude! 
Make a list of everything and everyone that has been showing up, all of them even the most challenging ones, as they are your greatest Angels sent to remind you of what you are and all that you're meant to be.