Why Time

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Live your vision

I recently asked the question: "How will you love before you die?" In the final hours of our lives, I believe, we will face the deeper realization, of this question.  

Life isn't about asking HOW but rather living, knowing WHY.  Your journey here on this earth is so limited so why not decide on the way, you are going to live it.  

All it takes is a commitment to understanding WHY you want to live your vision.  When you decide on WHAT you want most and commit yourself to becoming, that which you are seeking, you are on purpose with your life.  

When you are living your vision, you are connecting yourself, spiritually, to an infinite realm of possibilities. Recognize there is something far greater at work and your role on this journey of life is simply to decide, ask, act, believe and receive.  Live your vision.