Why Time

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 5 (30 days of reinvention) Avoid energy suckers

Energy suckers are everywhere. They come in the form of people, tasks, unplanned activities and distractions. They are defined quite simply as the energy that keeps you away from the only thing that truly matters, being fully present to this moment. As you continue on your journey to reinventing yourself, you will need to avoid energy suckers at all costs. 

As you strive to create new success habits, you will need to cultivate a new mindset when dealing with energy suckers that keep you from pursuing your dreams.  You will need to learn how to say no otherwise, you will find that the even the smallest tasks will keep you distracted from fulfilling your purpose. 

Here are 5 ways you can deal with energy suckers: 
1. Avoid negative people at all costs - they are like energy vampires that want to feed off of you. 
2. Don't respond to a negative call, post or email as you are only giving away your energy. 
3. Avoid wasting energy in trying to control other people, instead create a new perspective about them.  
4. When you approach a new task or activity, such as scheduling a new meeting, ask yourself, will this person or event add any benefit to my purpose? If not, avoid wasting any more time with it. 
5. Allocate energy ONLY to people, tasks and activities that are aligned with your purpose and your mission. 

A great way to protect your energy is to cleanse it every morning, the moment you wake up. Sit in complete stillness for 10 minutes and picture yourself under a waterfall. See the water cleansing all of the energies from the previous day that do not serve you. Upon cleansing, see a warm white light creating a shield around you like a protective barrier. You are now ready to start your day.