Why Time

Friday, February 5, 2016

Do I have BRAND ambassadors?

To get ahead in this new connection age - it is essential that you cultivate brand ambassadors. Remember, it's not what you say your BRAND is - it's what THEY say it is that truly matters. 

So who are these knights of the BRAND shouting you out from the roof tops encouraging humans beings far and wide to come forth and experience your offerings? They are the believers, the followers and the ones that have experienced the surge of your authenticity.  

The most successful BRANDS know this energy far to well. They will strive to cultivate and nurture strong, tribal-like cultures. They make daily, weekly and monthly time to connect with their BRAND ambassadors. A BRAND ambassador has a deeper connection with your manifesto, your mantra and your way of being in this world. They are emotionally connected to you and what you value most so you better be clear as to what you are clear about!

Today make a list of your TOP 10 BRAND ambassadors that believe in you. Share with them your deeper WHY - which I define as the World Helped by You. I'm not talking about the reasons you do what you do but rather the deeper PASSION - PURPOSE and the OUTCOMES that you wish to create in the world.