Why Time

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What time is it?

Is it your time? Have you decided yet,  because it's up to you. Is it your time to step out from the shadows and be the light that the world needs? Is it your time to leap forward from the back of the line declaring to yourself that I'm ready to STAND OUT? Is it your time to make a real difference in other peoples lives? Is it your time to say no to the hundreds of shiny objects and distractions and NOW to only the few actions that will propel you forward? Is it your time to BECOME who you know deep inside you should be? 
Is it time to have A BIGGER conversation with those around you and sharing your deeper truth? 
Is it your time to create a new story and show the world a new VERSION 
I don't believe in someday - your someday is now and this is your time.