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Monday, January 28, 2013

Living your Brand

Living Your Brand

By Gerry D. Visca, International Speaker, Author, Global Brand Ambassador

‘Your brand is your life force. It defines who you are and what you stand for. Your brand extends far beyond symbols and logos; it is your unique signature that distinguishes you in the marketplace. Your brand communicates your pledge on the value that you provide.’

Have you heard the phrase: “It takes a village to raise a child?” Think of your brand as a ‘life force’ that requires attention, consistent nourishment and protection. In this article we explore the many faces of your brand and the steps you can take to cultivate a meaningful branding experience.

What do want people to feel about you, your team, your product and/or service?

In my 20 years of brand building experience, I have come to believe that, the quantity of marketing strategies or long-winded mission statements that an organization deploys, makes little or no impact, if you are not engaging your clients emotionally. Recognize that the true power of ‘brand building’ stems from differentiating yourself in the marketplace through the use of emotionally charged strategies. Brand building is fueled with passion and purpose. Successful and innovative companies today clearly understand this concept and strive to win the hearts of their internal and external markets. They compete for the emotions of the people they serve. It’s all about creating higher levels of ‘emotional intelligence and powerful engagement’.

Strive to create strategies that are in alignment with your brand purpose, build off one another and solicit an emotional response from your target group. When I direct a brand building platform for an organization or a high-level entrepreneur, I immediately focus on ‘extracting and defining’ the core essence that makes them unique. This approach sets the stage and the foundation for a more successful branding building platform. With a clearly defined platform and intention in place, your brand building strategies become supercharged with a greater success rate. This approach is highly targeted at the right side of people’s minds, also known as the intuitive, sensing and feeling side. Recognize that human beings are highly emotional creatures and we make decisions based on emotions.

TIP: Look at your brand building strategy in this light and discard any thing that is NOT generating an emotional return from your internal and external markets.

When you launch marketing strategies in isolation from a richer brand building platform, you risk missing your target. Essentially, you are ‘shooting in the dark’ hoping that you will eventually make an impact. I’m a strong advocate of ‘tribe-based’ brand building as a superior way towards cultivating brand loyalty. This form of brand building is designed to foster a culture of initiation. Some great examples of organizations that adopt tribe-based brand building are: Starbucks, Mini-Cooper and Apple.

Not only does this approach differentiate you from the competition, it positions you at a new altitude. When you strive to build a tribe or culture, you are continually breathing new life into your marketing strategies. Every action you take is aligned with purpose and intention. You create in far less time and you work smarter not harder. TIP: Strive to win the hearts of your clients or customers and you will win them for a lifetime.

The following are my five ‘Killer B’s for brand building:
1. [BRIEF]

‘Killer branding’ is about simplicity. A 2-3 word slogan or positioning statement that meaningfully connects and engages your target group is far more effective than a myriad of long-winded marketing statements. Some of my favorites are:

Nissan: Driven

Nike: Just Do It.

Apple: Think Different.

Norwegian Cruise Line: It’s better out here.

Angela Kontgen: Life @ new levels.

2. [BRAG]

If you are not passionate about your brand how can you expect others to be? There are times when I have heard from clients or members of an audience that I’m to passionate or aggressive. I’m in their face. Here is the thing, it takes 5-7 highly effective and consistent touch points to reach a new client or customer. Don’t apologize for pursuing and living your dream with persistence and dedication. We have one life to live so get out there and do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Remember, if you’re not being seen then you’re not being heard. No apologies!

3. [BUZZ]

I love creating strategies that generate tremendous momentum. Consistent events delivered monthly represent one of my favorite strategies for strengthening brand loyalty. With the increase in technology we are becoming increasingly disconnected. Events that are well executed represent an opportunity to connect people in meaningful ways. Strive to create consistent weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual strategies. Learn from successful people and create new success habits that replace older bad habits.


Recognize that energy flows where your attention goes. Work your plan and continue taking action. If you’re not passionate about your brand then you will not have enough power to create an engaging experience. Ask yourself: ‘How do I want to be perceived? Strive to create ‘sticky strategies’ that project you and your organization to the world with confidence, passion and enthusiasm. Project yourself as average and you’ll never stand out from the competition or get your message to stick to the minds of your target audience.

5. [BANG]

When I’m asked to deliver an inspirational key note, I strive to engage my audience at new levels making a lasting impression. Recognize that an audience will forget everything you say to them within 24-48 hours but they will not forget the way you made them feel. Making a bang with your brand is about creating a culture of initiation. If you’re not trying new things then you are not making a strong enough impact with your clients and/or customers. You need to ask yourself; ‘Are my current strategies making enough impact on my audience? Am I continually raising the bar in everything I do? Am I communicating like a master and getting my message out with passion and enthusiasm? Successful leaders continually seek new and innovative ways to create a surge of momentum around their brands. Making a bang with your brand is about standing out, participating, leaning in and raising your hand.

Gerry Visca is Canada’s Creative Coach®, an International Speaker, Author of 6 books, founder of the inspired entrepreneurial movement: DEFYENEURS™ and a Global Brand Ambassador. Gerry can be reached at: T. (905) 528.6032 E. gerry@redchairbranding.com www. gerryvisca.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Tip: Your mission in life is the one you give yourself

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Red Tip – Your mission is what you say it is.

When I first meet a client I ask them to contemplate the following questions: “What do you want to create in this lifetime and what do you want to be remembered for?” Recognize that your purpose and mission in life is the mission that you decide to give yourself. If you decide that you will inspire others to action then that is exactly what you will do. So many people that I inspire ask me: “How does one uncover their life purpose?” The moment you start to live these questions you are becoming aware of your hidden potential. So many of us are unaware of this process and go on with our daily rituals and habits. Years pass by and eventually comfort and fear sets in and we miss out on all of the possibilities in life. If you have never fallen then you have never challenged your potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, defyeneur, student or a corporate executive, the key to defining your mission is to start now. Take a blank sheet of paper and write along the top, the following words: “This is my mission”….and fill in the blank. In 2008 after leading an award-winning branding agency, I gave myself a new mission: “To creatively inspire 1 million people to action”. I lived with these questions for several months: “What is my purpose and how can I serve others.” Every day I stepped deeper into these big questions, trusting that the HOW would eventually present itself. I can sum up this process into three simple words: Imagine, believe and act. The moment you imagine your mission you have already created it. Next, is believing, and trusting in your bigger ‘self’ with a strong sense of knowing. Lastly, you must take action. Recognize that without action there can be no reaction. I have applied this creative approach to thousands of individuals and hundreds of corporations who have a desire to uncover, unfold and communicate their mission with greater purpose. “He who knows his WHY can bear any how – Nietzsche, German Philosopher.

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