Why Time

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 25 (30 days of Reinvention) Reach Out and Inspire Someone

In 2007 I made a conscious decision that I was going to live out the rest of my life inspiring others. I had left the field of architecture in 1999 to create my own branding company. At the time, I had a passion for igniting the passion in others. After 7 years of pouring myself into corporate clients - I decided I wanted to reach out and inspire everyday people. 

Years ago I didn't truly appreciate what inspiration really meant. As I reflect on my journey as a 13-time author, publisher of a magazine and book series and a global speaker and creative coach, I realize now the energy of pouring ourselves into others. When you are inspired, your energy force is connected to something bigger than all of us. You are 'in-spirited' with your true self and purpose. Contrary to what you see in front of you everyday, shopping malls, 3 car garages, SUVs, big screen TV ' s - all of us are here to make a difference in people lives and contribute our unique gifts to the world. 

We are meant to lift one another up and experience greater joy and happiness. We are meant to feel connected and loved. We are all one and we are not meant to feel alone and disconnected. We now have reached the connection age yet we feel even greater levels of isolation and hopelessness. We need to connect in new and meaningful ways more than ever. We are all being tested and thinking only for ourselves will lead to an even more disconnected world filled with fear and lack. 

Today reach out and inspire others simply by looking for the extraordinary in them. We all have greatness running through us. Help others see it especially in those that cannot see it in themselves. This is the new ROI for the world and one that I am so passionate about creating and igniting in so many others. It's the greatest contribution and level we can ever hope to acheive as a human race, just imagine a world inspired.