Why Time

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The jewel of this moment

Every moment is filled with a jewel. Sometimes it's hard to find it especially when you're conditioned to look to what's ahead. It's easy to miss out on the sensation of your senses. Even now as you skim through this BLOG your mind wants to take you to the next thing and then the next...  Don't get me wrong, having a clear vision for where you are going is so vital to your success but you'll only ever get there by concentrating on the place you now stand. 

For most people life is simply a string of  'next moments'. They will rush from one experience to the next all the while missing out on really living. 

Your time is now, here in this moment, this is who you are. You are not defined by your rank, title, karate belt or some distant goal in the future. Heck you don't even know if you'll be around when and if you catch up to that superfluous goal.  

When you commit yourself 100% to igniting all of your senses in the experience of this one moment, your life is taken to new levels. Practice finding the jewel in every moment by taking it all in NOW: What do you feel, hear and see? This is the jewel of your life - are you paying attention to it?