Why Time

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Plant yourself

Just returned home from a week in New York City and I'm amazed with the explosive growth of the plants in my garden. I planted most of them as little seedlings well over 4 years ago. I'm fascinated with the bamboo plant that started out as just a seed and now after 5 years it's towering over 8 feet in height. I've often written about the bamboo plant taking years to root itself and grow a massive network of root systems below the surface. It won't reveal it's surface growth until it's ready. For years it appears as if nothing is happening on the surface. Everyday, the bamboo exists to be exactly what it is supposed to be. Inch by inch it branches out just a bit more nurturing it's multi-faceted root system.  

Similar in life, we can choose to focus on cultivating a strong network and foundation system that supports our massive, personal growth. When we feed, oxygenate and nurture ourselves daily with personal development, physical activity, positive affirmations and surround ourselves with extraordinary people that shine a light on us, we can grow into the best versions of ourselves. When you commit to improving yourself and all those around you on a daily basis, you can't help but grow. 

Nurture your self and your relationships and know that your greatest growth is coming. Keep seeding and building that network.