Why Time

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Burlington Branding Boot Camp

What a way to start my morning, a 6:00am jog around the block, a quick work out followed by an energizing smoothie! Why do I do this? To get into the zone, to creatively inspire a cast of entrepreneurs in Burlington today. I need to give them my all, and that requires creativity and inspiration. I was so impressed with this group today, thank you all for attending, I hope you got as much out of this session as I did!

I admire these entrepreneurs that take the time to invest in themseleves. You all worked well as a team and collaborated with a common goal in helping one another. I want to leave you with some tips for moving your personal brand and marketing plan development further:

Focus on getting clear with your personal brand. What and how do yor>u want others to preceive you?

What images best reflect your brand?

What 3 words differentiate you from the competition.

Get going on using social media based tools. Set up your twitter, Linked In and YOUTUBE accounts.

Be a rookie and be fascinated all of the time with everything around you.

Start collaborating with others that will help you acheive your goals.

Complete what you have started and finish like a champion.