Why Time

Monday, November 23, 2015

Just Ask...

What have you got to win in just asking for your life? What if all this time that was the only thing holding you back - just asking. It starts with you having a deeper conversation with yourself. What do you really want? What are you ready to embrace? What do you need to release - what no longer serves you? When we ask and live the BIG questions, our world opens up. What and who do you need to ask? Perhaps it's the 2 relationships you are in - the one with yourself and the one with your partner, what would make it better? Ask for it now!  
What about your career and the people holding the keys - what do you need to ask them? How about your friends and family, perhaps you need them to surround you with greater love and strength - ask for it. Why do we ask? It's a powerful energy that creates an extraordinary chain reaction. It's an intention and it invokes and solicits action. It allows to you to receive. It tells the universe that you are here now to make your mark on it. You're tired of playing small and hiding in line waiting and hoping that your name will get called. Ask for the love you wish to receive. Ask for the money that you know you deserve. Ask for the sale knowing that you are worth it. Ask for others to join you on your quest to make a difference in peoples lives. I'm asking you to share with me what you need!