Why Time

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rise [above] it all

This weeks tip is focused on helping you rise above the challenges in your life and pursuing only that which you wish to create.
My message to all of you is when you tap into your life purpose and your unique ability, nothing-and I mean nothing-should stop you from driving yourself forward and achieving your goals. /so don't let anyone tell you that you can't live your life dream. Find a way to align all of your daily actions in pursuing your goals. Figure out what it is that you are most passionate about and go for it. Dream bigger, take daily actions and do it all with enthusiasm and passion. This is what I tell entrepreneurs, friends and colleagues; to uncover your unique ability; your 'inner Picasso' and live in total alignment with your life purpose. We all have those those challenges in life, they're called defining moments. I believe these moments are thrust upon us to challenge our determination and resiliency. It is the universe questioning you one more time as you continue to reach your new level of magnificence. As I fixate on my end goals I continually hear the words inside my head; 'Do you really want to achieve this Goal Gerry? Well let's see what you got. Here are a whole bunch of obstacles that I am going to throw in your way'. I love Sir Winston Churchill's quote, "If you are going through hell, keep going, because if you stop you're in hell". I have not stopped! As I embark on new and exciting creative challenges I embrace them with sheer enthusiasm and inspiration. I look towards the many achievements I have made, the thousands of people that I have inspired to action. Look, you are the only one that can decide what it is that you want from life and the only one that can take action and receive it. It all starts with you, continues with you and it ends with you. We are all on a creative journey in this big-but brief-thing called life. You never stop living it, it is always changing and evolving and that is why is is referred to as a 'present'. What if find with a vast majority of people is that they have a fear in reflecting on what it is that they want most, for fear that they won't know how to achieve it or that perhaps they don't deserve it. My message to my readers is to decide on what you want most and start aligning your actions towards achieving it. Going forward I have learned how to simplify my life, enjoy the moments and the present. Equally, important is the journey that you need to appreciate and celebrate. I continue to remain positive and live a life on inspiration. I seek out new ways to collaborate with others and continually strive to stretch my mind as to what it possible for me. But I also recognize that, if I'm not also failing sometimes, I am not growing. If I am not taking chances or aligning daily actions with my life purpose then I am not stretching myself towards greatness.