Why Time

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beyond Facebook Likes

Recently I received a criticism for not having a sufficient amount of Facebook likes.  I was even advised to 'purchase' more likes.  

Is this truly the destination that we've arrived at? Somehow I think the human race was meant for so much more.  

I exist as an author and transformational novelist with a mission of inspiring 1 Million people to answer the only question that matters: WHY are we here?

It took me a lifetime to arrive at this profound realization of Why I Exist.   Then again our time here on this earth is only a brief moment.  

Throughout my global journey I've had the pleasure of being awakened to the hidden mystery of our vast universe and more importantly our unique role in it.  

I've chosen to live with the mantra: 'Less but Better.' I strive to savour every delicious moment and nurture fewer and deeper relationships.  

The amount of impressions, likes, followers has very little impact on what and who I want to be remembered for.   

All it takes is for one profound connection to spark greatness and create a ripple of influence.