Why Time

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Move Forward

Do you ever wonder what separates the spectators from the performers? I call it motivated momentum. We're not born with it yet 5% of us seem to stand out amongst the herd. They have an aura, an attractive energy about them and they go through life with a greater sense of urgency within their lives. They don't wait for others they focus only on what they can create in the moment. How can you move yourself forward today? What new actions can you employ that perhaps you have not tried. Personally, I'm a big fan of daily consistency and persistency knowing that every action is contributing to an under current moving me closer to my dreams and my vision. However, you need to look at your current choices since they are influencing your behaviour which ultimately is shaping your daily habits and well it's those habits that are either helping you progress or decline. This energy is forever in motion there is no pause button you either grow or you don't.  

I recently attended a next level leadership conference that addressed this very point. Our minds are wired to remain in a state of comfort doing the same thing over and over again with little change and progress in our lives. This current state of reality in our minds wants to keep us stationary and in a state of fear and discouragement.  Once you come to this realization and awareness it's easy to understand why 80% of the world go about their daily lives never truly becoming aware of their untapped potential. They key is to become highly intentional on a moment to moment basis about who you strive and desire to be, staying focused on your bigger vision and aligning your daily actions to propel you forward with greater velocity. 

Your desire, passion and ability to redefine and shape your own reality is in all of us. This is the gift that we have all been given. Inside all of us is an incredible power to ignite potential and forward movement. In any given moment we can choose to become paralyzed and allow our emotions to overcome us or we can get creative and focus on what we can do in this moment. The simple act of writing things down in the moment is a great strategy to access the right side of our brain and induce positive energy and proactive movement. We live in an expanding universe. This is your time to harness this forward moving energy but you got to want it, crave it and act through it to grow and become the person you were born to be.