Why Time

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Decide what you want

It's by far the most significant question I could ever ask - Decide what you want most so you can take action and get it. Without truly knowing what you want you will never receive what you want or what you deserve. We live in a universe that responds to thoughts - emotions and actions. It's running 24-7 like a furnace in your home. Your internal thermostat is what you decide to focus on and it triggers the heat and the cold. When you are filled with love, intention and potential you're in the hot zone of your life - everyone wants to be around you and feel your love. When you live with thoughts of fear, blame and lack you remain cold and disconnected from the love that you deserve. 

Asking what you want takes courage and a relentless daily belief in your ability to make a contribution to the lives of others. You have to see and believe that you are so much bigger than where you currently stand. Today you are the result of what you decided you wanted long ago. Somewhere along the way you lost your compass ~ your reason for being. You changed by letting others point a finger at you and tell you that you don't deserve greatness.  Deciding what you want most in all areas of your life - self relationships, love, career and finances requires action on your part. Today reflect on what matters most to you. Throw away the energy that no longer serves you. Embrace the love and the people that matter and who want to help you aim high so we can all see you fly.