Why Time

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 24 TGIF: Thank God It's Freedom

As we prepare to launch the most inspiring issue of Defyeneurs MAG we are super pumped about shifting the worlds perspective on Freedom. The Freedom issue extends far beyond corporate promises and retirement villas at age. 55. It's a way of being in this world, and your heart, mind and souls recognition that you are meant for more. To get on the path to freedom you need to ignite your passion and purpose so you can contribute your deeper WHY with the world. You are not meant to be enclosed in a windowless cubicle subservient to someone's rules hoping that you won't be the one that gets let go so your company can satisfy it's shareholders. 

2% annual raises don't lead to greatness. What leads to greatness and freedom is you taking 100% responsibity for your life, your choices and your actions. Say it in the mirror today as you are driving to work in a sea of cars - it's what I did years ago before I lived a life of inspiration. "I am taking 100% responsibility for the life that I want to create. I am moving myself forward today believing in myself and that I am meant for more. I am surrounding myself with new and exciting people that want the best for me." Say it over and over again. I am meant for more. I am beautiful, whole, perfect, strong and loving. 

This is your time to create freedom in your life. It's not a destination but rather a way of being, an energy and a mantra. Become what you are seeking. Free up your life to receive the freedom that you deserve.