Why Time

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Feel the Fuel

As I prepare for my inspirational key note today I wanted to share the energy of feeling the life that you desire to create.  In my latest book: I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing, I share an insight: Feel the Fuel.  

It's not enough to simply see and imagine your desires. It's the connection to the feeling that becomes the fuel and your ignition source.  

As human beings we've been given an extraordinary gift of creation.   We can feel what we desire most to create.  We can bring the 'unseen' out from the domain of thought into our world of existence.  We activate this through feeling.  

Through this power of feeling, you can make it real.  You can super charge this ability like any muscle. The key is to become aware. 

As I prepare for today's day of inspiration, I start feeling the audience days in advance. I feel their energy, their laughter and their tears as they start to ignite the deeper passion and purpose that lives within them.  

Think about the journey that you're on.  Close your eyes and see the end result of what you desire.  Now go their in your mind, body and spirit and feel the sensation of living it.