Why Time

Monday, February 26, 2018

The BIGGER Picture

~ Gerry Visca

It's 3:11am and I’ve woken up, yet again, in a cold sweat convinced that I am meant to see the bigger picture that dwells below the surface. As I boil the kettle for my early morning tea, I sit in my studio pondering the words for my next article.

As I look down, visions of my past as a global speaker swirl in my mind delivering content that I believed, at the time, was essential.  I see myself on stage giving a talk in Istanbul on the 'Disruptors of Innovation'. The tea swirls and moments later, I'm transported to Quebec where I'm inspiring a global audience on the 'Power of Creativity'. A few more swirls and I'm swept up into the snow-capped peaks of British Columbia delivering one of thousands of talks on building a 'Brand Experience' in order to connect with the hearts of customers.
As I sit in my red chair gazing at the 16 published books resting on the shelf and the unedited manuscript of my latest transformational novel: Why am I here? I ponder a thought:

"Why is the world still so disconnected?"

Let's get real about what we all need to ask ourselves. As heads of nations continue to bury their heads in the sands of time can we honestly say that we're better off? Have we arrived at the ultimate destination as a species that is supposedly "self aware"? Are we who we are meant to be and is the delusional pursuit for "more" truly changing the world and our lives? Will the aisles of yet another shopping mall guide us to the promised land?
And as I write these words mass media continues to innovate on new ways of ushering in fear by telling us how we should live our lives.
Like seeds blowing aimlessly in the wind, the concept of "Democracy" and "Free Will" continues to take us further down the rabbit hole. It's all just another system of control isn’t it?  
So, I ground myself in the only question, I believe, matters: Why am I here?
Answer: To wake up the world to answering the only question that matters.
Imagine all of humanity truly becoming "self aware". Fear no longer has a place in our hearts and minds as we each exist to reach out and inspire one another. We actually have a shot at surviving as a species instead of wiping each other out.
When we collectively strive to ignite the deeper WHY, that I define as the World Helped by You, in one another, then we awaken the oldest part of ourselves, our Soul's true Purpose.
Is this not why we are truly here; too look up and elevate the human race to a new level of consciousness?

Here's the thing; we all have a choice. We can continue exerting our dominance over nature, searching for the answer within the Lines of Code, Technology and AI or we can CONNECT with people's hearts and help one another look up, rise to the surface and become all we were meant to be.

We are human BEINGS yet we continue to allow ourselves to be defined by DOING more. It's only through the acceptance of our deeper reason for BEING that we ignite our Soul's hidden Purpose, the one below the surface. It's the collective realization for the truth of who we really are that gives birth to an inspired way of BEING.

The answers to the bigger question doesn't come from a weekend workshop that promises success in six easy steps. It's not found in the external world. Like an iceberg, it's true potential dwells below the surface.
How do we get there? We decide to collectively create a world through Love and like the herbs in my tea, the energy of Fear that no longer serves our higher selves, will ultimately dissolve.  
So, before you turn the page, consider turning off the noise, "the unwanted sound" and instead, choose to listen to the only voice that matters, the one that connects you to the bigger picture and that rests deep within your heart:
Why am I here?