Why Time

Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't just survive - THRIVE

Every thought in your mind is a creation. Everytime you doubt and question yourself you are simply attracting more of it. You can start to shift your mind by focusing only on what you wish to create and experience in your life. Not to long ago - you felt that anything was possible and attainable. You never held back from singing your song, dancing your dance and defying gravity by elevating yourself from the current reality. 

But somewhere along the way you changed. You let soceity and external influences get in your way and point a finger at you telling you you're not meant for more. Let me tell you this, life is going to do whatever it can to hold you down and keep you in survival mode. But here is the thing - you and me are meant for so much more. We are meant to lock arms and change lives and contribute to the energy of the world. Your very existence is proof of the wondrous miracle of this universe. You came into this world as a being of pure potential with the power to shape and architect your life. You are not meant to survive you are meant to inspire us all with your relentless belief in your ability. Today and from this point, you can define yourself by choosing to thrive.