Why Time

Monday, June 30, 2014

Embrace uncertainty

The more you embrace uncertainty as a form of creation the more peace and fulfillment you will experience in your life. Creativity only lives in a world of uncertainty - the unknown. It only knows limitless potential. Living in a state of creativity creates an energy of acceptance and knowing that something exists beyond our current reality. See this creativity as your ability to create your outcomes through the expression of your art, passions and desires. 

We are all born with it, this ability to take a concept or possibity out from the unknown and bring it into reality through an intention that leads to a thought that eventually leads to action. The belief that what you focus on expands is at the foundation of this principle. For this expansion to occur there are a few things you need to embrace:
1. Your greatness or your creativity only lives in the present moment, within the realm of possibity. You have to embrace that you don't know what the hell you are doing. A belief in the unknown. 

2. Replace your FEAR with the creative process. Fear is a weight holding you down from the actual creative process itself - being unaware of the outcomes, not knowing the certainty is the creative process. Instead always start with WHAT IF...?

3. Embrace the power of intention as your catalyst and your rocket fuel propelling you into launch mode. Your intention sets in motion the creative process and the belief that you are meant for more. 

4. Create with Inspired Action on a consistent basis by becoming open to the plethora of inspired ideas that enter your consciousness. Embrace the people and resources that appear from the domain of uncertainty that are intentionally put into your path to move you forward with sheer velocity. In this state, time becomes an illusion and you can create with greater speed. 

5. Embrace discomfort as a catalyst for your new growth. You have set powerful intentions for the life that you want to create. This means you have to get out of your way to embrace the new. You can't keep doing the same things over and over again hoping to experience new results. People and circumstances need to shift. Change is inevitable. Discard all thoughts from the past and avoid the uncertainty of the future. 

Instead, ground yourself in the here, the now and the only moment that truly matters, this present moment. 

Create your life. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

One seed can start a garden

Along my travels, I meet so many extraordinary people that have a longing desire to taste their one precious life. Long ago they knew what that meant, what excited them, what got them leaping out of bed. All of us knew what brought us joy. Over time, you may have lost your way. You made choices based on a different set of rules, desires and obligations. My wish for you is to reconnect with that simpler time when everything seemed clearer. As you contemplate the bigger picture of your life  know that you still have the power to choose your life. It's a new set of rules that you are now in control of. You set the stage for how you wish to be. The same wind falls on us all but it's your choice to set the course to where you want to be. It's your choice to live with regret, pain and discomfort for the choices you made or you can choose to live NOW, in this moment with greater passion and purpose. 

One seed can start a garden. One thought can shift your world. One inspired action can lead to a whole new way of being. You can choose to see everything upto this point as an incredible journey, an exploration of your greater self. You know who you are and what and how you want to be. I encourage you to live with WHY. It will always guide you and show you the way. It will inspire you to define your purpose. Your WHY is a delicious pairing of your passion and your purpose with an outcome of impacting others around you. Your choice to step out of the shadows and into the light inspires others around you to take action. It's a new ROI for us all, where we all Reach Out and Inspire others to do the same. 

Today you can choose a new way of being. Today you can decide to plant a new seed and love yourself unconditionally. Taste your one precious life, grab a hold of it, bite into it, savour it's richness and never let it go, it's yours to live. 

Today you are alive. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Practice your WHY

This is the most exciting time to be alive. You have reinvented yourself in so many ways over the past years. You have tried everything and you have been everything for others. Today is about you and only you. Today is about declaring to yourself and to others this is how I am going to be. Yesterday I was sitting with a lovely young woman who asked me how I was able to become the person I am today. 

How do you push through the pain the discomfort, the people and the energy that is holding you back? Here's the thing, only you can make the choices to unfold the bigger picture of your life. Only you can walk through the door. You're the only one that can take 100% responsibility for how you want to live. 

I'm not necessarily better than the other guy nor do I strive to be better than the other guy I simply practice my WHY more than the other guy. My WHY is my passion and purpose with a meaningful outcome of pushing the human race forward. It's not a part-time thing once in a while, or at an event, it's consistently lived every hour, every second, every minute of the day. Pour yourself into your WHY by being of service to others. Let go of the past and the energy that no longer serves you. Replace fear with creation and pour yourself ONLY into the things that you have a desire to see manifest. Your thoughts become things and action creates change. 

Practice your WHY by becoming it. Speaking, writing, sharing, creating are all ways of stepping into your WHY. The more you practice it by pouring yourself into others, the more you defy gravity and realize your hidden potential. It doesn't require you to be perfect since it will never be. Your imperfection is your perfection. Your willingness to act is what attracts others to you. No action creates no reaction. Without failure there can be no innovation, progress and forward movement. Without discomfort you cannot grow. Without growth there is no life. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wired for WHY

WHY is not something that we eventually stumble upon through some corporate mission statement. We are born with it.  Born to live the greatest versions of ourselves. It's in our DNA to be and do great things. We are born as explorers, creators and innovators. We have each been given the gift of curiosity. We are the only species that can question our existence. We are hard wired to question WHY. Why we are here. Why we are the way we are. Why we make the choices we make. Why we feel what we feel. WHY is an energy source that connects us to the world. The world benefits when we all live and love through WHY. The power of WHY is the architectural construct of our very existence. This one word lived, sets into motion ALL of our choices. It creates, cuts through, clarifies, disrupts and defines everything. It casts a light on the way. It projects the how into our cerebellum and invokes our intuitive, sensing, feeling and emotional 'enter' button. The WHY thrusts our intention into the world with greater intensity. It distinguishes you from the others for it defines who, what, where and how you wish to be. 

WHY does not sit on the surface. It lives 20,000 leagues under the sea. It is a current and a wave that carries us to the destination that we are seeking. Our WHY is our compass, our guide and the distant light helping us navigate a more fulfilling existence. It is worth exploring for it will reveal the greatest treasures of our mind and soul. WHY allows us to be seen, heard, felt and experienced, here and now. Your WHY is your contribution to the world's verse, a new ROI for us all. It is the World Helped by You. 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waiting for the world

Are you waiting on the world to change? Waiting for permission from your spouse to pursue your dreams? Are you waiting for more likes and followers on Social Media? Are you waiting for acceptance from others? You don't have to wait for what you want. The world is ready for you now. You influence the world with your beautiful energy. You shape the universe with your intention. You co-create with the energy of this world by believing in yourself and taking action on your passion and purpose. 

Others around you are showing up exactly the way you need them to. They are your greatest teachers reminding you to stay the course, push beyond the pain and to live the life that you've imagined. It's only through challenge, discomfort and adversity that we grow. Comfort suppresses our passion for the soul. Discomfort is growth and your greatest catalyst for change. You don't need others around you to get it.  You have to be that change and look at the experience and the emotion from a different lens. When you shift the way you look at things then the things that you look at will start to change. 

You have waited your whole life, you know how to do that very well. Today, take action and start to be what it is that you are seeking. You will change the world by stepping into your deeper WHY, but not just thinking about it or creating some slogan and ad campaign that sounds and looks good on paper. It's more than than that! Living your WHY is your souls recognition that the World will be Helped by You. You have the ability to change everything around you including your relationships, your career, your financial situation and your self love.You're  change in this world will be the result of living with greater passion for your life and defining your purpose with an outcome that benefits others. If you don't like the outcomes in your life I encourage you to invest some quality time sitting in deep reflection on how you are living your life with passion and purpose. How are you being of service to  others? How are you impacting the lives around you? 

Today, decide what you want most, take action and go get it. The world is ready for change and for you. 


Thursday, June 12, 2014

How do you find purpose?

This morning started at 5:00am with a burst of inspiration and intention for my day. In 3 hours, I am delivering a 12 hour WHY intensive over 2 days. How did I get to this point? How was I able to attract this world class opportunity? The focus for the next 2 days with this global organization is focused on living with greater purpose.  Over the past 7 years, I made it my purpose to inspire others to action, to ignite their passion and their deeper sense of purpose.  Throughout my World WHY Tour, I am continually asked by many people the process of finding one's purpose. 

The universe and everyone in it is becoming aware of itself. You are the creator of your life and you define, architect and shape your desired outcomes. Purpose for me has become the root and foundation for the BIGGER picture of my life. It is the inspired, high octane fuel for my WHY which I define as the World Helped by You. Purpose is your contribution to others. It is the awareness of your unique gifts driven by your passion to serve others. Your purpose is what you say it is. It is your relentless belief in something bigger than yourself. It is your declaration to the world that you are here now in this moment at this time to make a difference in other peoples lives. It is your contribution to the world. I believe that we all have a choice to be something greater than our current self. We are all born as creators with a gift of choice. We all live in the same universe governed by the same laws each with an ability to defy gravity. We all breathe in the same air and we all face fears, challenges, set backs and triumphs. 

What makes us unique lies in our ability to choose our path. To choose our thoughts, our reactions and our daily actions. We have all been given the opportunity to live, to feel the wind and to set our own sails. Today choose how you want to live. Become aware of what makes you come alive. Decide on how you want to be of service to others. Make a list of the ones that you want to selflessly pour yourself into. Take daily action towards living your purpose so it becomes a way of being for you. It just requires a shift in mindset and a belief that you were meant to be here and to contribute your gifts to the world. Today, ignite, launch and live your WHY. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tell your story...

We all have a story to tell and a message to share. What resides deep inside you that you have a passion for sharing? Would your message and unique gifts impact others? Life is so brilliant but brief.  Many of us still feel as if we have a lifetime to take action on our dreams. I meet so many extraordinary people that are still waiting for permission to contemplate what they want most. They are waiting to be discovered, waiting to be asked to speak, waiting to be published, waiting for the order to come in. Create your own opportunities by sharing your intention with the world. Now is the time to drive it with GREATER passion and intensified vigour. 

Inside of you is an extraordinary light that others need to see, hear and feel. They need to experience your journey not just once in a while but consistently. Find a way to share your story using different mediums that connect with hearts. Push yourself daily to be heard. Your words and actions are energy. They have power and when shared daily can move mountains. 

Here is a great way to help you get started telling your story using Emma Coats fairy tale outline taken from the book 'show your work' by Austin Kleon. I want you to fill in the blanks using your own story: "Once upon a time,there was _______. Everyday, _______. One day,_______. Because of that, ________ and because of that, ________. Until finally, _______. "

I love sharing a BLOG every morning which I refer to as a YLOG.  It feeds my greater purpose which is to inspire you to action and unleash your WHY power. Inside of us is a deeper passion, purpose that together fuels a greater outcome for the world. This is my true joy to help you unleash your WHY to the world for I know that the World will be Helped by You.

Maintain momentum

You are being challenged right now more than ever. You're being faced with some of the toughest challenges. It's making you question your very reason for being. It feels like the universe is throwing a whole new set of challenges at you. For the past year or so, you've been up to NEW things and finally living with greater awareness for how you want to be in this world. You have adopted a new mindset for what is truly possible for you. This is your greatest race, the biggest chapter of your life is now unfolding. You may feel alone and tremendous discomfort. You have arrived. Your greatest level of growth is about to blossom. You need to stay the course, dance your dance and sing your song. Your art will move mountains and touch so many lives. It's to easy to give up, that's what most people do but not you. 

You have a deeper sense of belief in yourself. You feel more awake and your senses are more alive. You no longer want to be told what to do and how to feel. You're ready to set your own sail and chart your own path. You feel so alive and you want to challenge the status quo and yourself. You have never pushed yourself in this way and yet you are still here creating, innovating and pushing beyond the pain. Others around you still don't get you and that's brilliant because they don't need to. You are the only one that needs to see and believe it.

Maintain momentum and start paddling downstream. Remove all of the barriers and the energy that no longer serve you. Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed. Here's the thing, it's not where you currently are that matters but the direction that you are continually focused on heading in.  

Just the journey

I meet so many extraordinary people that are in search of greater meaning and purpose. They have an inkling of what they want to achieve but become stalled with getting started. As I reflect on my life, specifically the past 7 years, I have experienced the greatest journey, passion, purpose and love. Every opportunity for growth was a result of embracing all of my discomfort as my greatest teachers. 

What if we all started to live our lives through a different lens? One where we approach the journey as the end point. How would you embrace all of the people, circumstances, teachings and gifts around you? Would you be able to find greater peace and happiness knowing in your heart that you have already achieved that which you were only pursuing?  The key is to replace your state of wanting with a mindset of knowing.  

Life is a brilliant canvass for our lives. We all have an ability to create a masterpiece. We can choose the scene, colour and feel of our lives. We can decide how we want to live, who we want to love, where we allocate our energy and how we wish to be. We choose the brush, we create the strokes and connect the dots. We can breathe in and out with the gifts of our lungs and we can see all of the beauty that surrounds us everyday with the gifts of our eyes. We can run to the things we want most with the gifts of our legs and we can embrace the ones we love with our beating hearts. We are alive now, here and in this moment. We are all destined for something so great. We all have been given the opportunity to celebrate our wondrous journey. 

Everyone is a teacher...

Someone very close to me taught me the  importance of viewing everyone in your life as a great teacher. The people in your life show up exactly the way they were meant to in order to reveal something inside of you. We are all on an incredible journey. We are all meant to thrive and connect with one another for one single purpose - to push the human race forward. 

It's easy to feel that you are alone especially in this connection age. You look around this world that we have created and it's easy to become lost and numbed out to its virtual progress. This world has become fast-paced, portable, online and offline. Apps tell us how we should feel and what we should experience. Our screens get thinner and bigger yet we still are unable to see our greatness. Drive-throughs, shopping malls and 3-car garages seem to dominate our daily lives. How is this 'progress' enhancing your life? How are you connecting in ways that deepen relationships? If you were to leave this earth tomorrow, would the 4 billion users on social media truly miss you? Yet we allocate 1/3 of our energy to feeding it. 

All of us are meant to experience more. We are meant to learn, stretch and grow into the best possible versions of ourselves. We are meant to lift others up and pour our gifts into the service of others. This task is not reserved for just missionaries it is an innate human characteristic that we have all been gifted. Some of us feel as if we have nothing left to learn. The greatest level of growth is remaining humble and open to the teachings of others. This can show up in so many brilliant ways: an irate driver teaches me empathy. A rude and upset waitress teaches me compassion. A homeless person teaches me humility. My daughters invoking self-harm teaches me the gift of life. Angela, the love of my life teaches me daily the gift of true love.  

Today, pause and reflect even for a brief moment as to the gifts that have been put in your path. What magic are they meant to reveal about you in this moment. What change do YOU need to experience in yourself in order to change the way you look at things?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Purpose First...

When you lead with Purpose you are sharing a deeper part of your true self  with others. Purpose is a powerful energy that allows you to connect with hearts. Purpose stands out, defines, cuts through and clarifies. It opens up a world of possibilities and reconnects you to a bigger world. Purpose grounds you in the moment. 

As a leader, in today's connection age, it is even more essential to fuel yourself and your team with a deeper sense of purpose. What do you stand for? Why do you exist? What mark do you want leave on this world? What do you want to be remembered for? 

Questions like this drive you to live your WHY with greater meaning behind everything you do. When you lead with purpose, it lights your way even during the darkest times when the world seems to have temporarily forgotten you. 

When you live with a greater sense of purpose everything and everyone around you is taken to a new summit. What first seemed as possibity now appears as reality. Purpose ignites you to step into the light, to stand out and declare to the world: "This is who I am and what I am meant to be in this world." We all want to be heard and to be seen. We all want to feel that our lives mattered to those around us and that we made a contribution.  

Lead with purpose as your new compass and GPS for living your WHY. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fear is a choice

There is so much untapped potential inside of you. Perhaps you have an untold story, an unrealized idea that would change us all? Perhaps there is someone that needs to hear that you love them. Is there a song inside of you that needs to come out? Most of us hold ourselves back for fear of the unknown or for failure. What will people think of you? There are hundreds of messages that your inner voice is telling you. Messages like; "play it safe or just remain in your comfort zone." 

What ever is holding you back from stepping into the greatest chapter of your life is simply a story that you have been telling yourself repeatedly. You no longer have to wait and be a spectator of everyone else's life. The key is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear will always be present in our lives. We have conditioned ourselves to live with fear. The great artists are the ones that are aware of the fear but they allocate way more energy towards creating their art and stepping into new areas of discomfort. They fail, fail again and then fail better. They pick themselves up, dust themselves off and learn from the failure. They readjust their strategy and their target by getting more creative. If you have not fallen you have not challenged your potential. If you're not failing, you are not seeing the doors of possibility. These new doors of opportunity become present when you take action and believe in yourself. 

Fear is simply a story we self-create in our minds. See fear as an energy. You will always have a choice to feed the fear, give it thoughts and allow it to control and consume you or you can ground yourself in the present moment and face it head on. All you have is this moment. Think about it, your past has passed and the future hasn't made it's way to you just yet no matter how much you think about it. What you do have is this moment to live, create, take chances and ask yourself what if? 

You know how to play it safe, you've done it well your whole life. You know that there is something more exciting on the other side waiting to be explored. You  are becoming aware of a deeper passion and you are ready to define a purpose for yourself. You are ready to define yourself, challenge the status quo and make your mark on this world. This is your time to shine, your time to challenge yourself and to face the fears that have been holding you back. Ask yourself, What Have I Got to Win?

Become aware of the life around you

So many extraordinary gifts surround us each and everyday. Opportunities reveal themselves in response to our intention of what we want to create. How are you recognizing these opportunities? How will you act on them? The choices we make influence the habits we form which ultimately shapes our behaviour. It's this concious effort towards becoming aware of our lives that shapes our attitude towards how we wish to live everyday. Become aware of what you have asked for and what your heart desires. Your thoughts and emotions become powerful actions that are always alive and in motion. It's this daily awareness that attracts the people, circumstances and opportunities to you. 

How are you recognizing and appreciating your one precious life?  How are you celebrating the people around you? How are you making a difference in their lives. 

Awareness is a powerful key towards unlocking our greatest potential. Most people can go through their entire lives unaware of the beauty that surrounds them. The greatest love of your life can be standing right next to you this morning at Starbucks but perhaps you're to immersed into yourself to take notice. Most of us rush through life never really experiencing it.  These people are hoping for the next experience to blast in through the door to wake them up. To experience your life, you have to be willing to listen to your heart beating and feel every breath. To live a life of happiness you have to decide in this moment to feel and be happy now. To experience your greatest life you have to be your life, participate in it, nurture yourself and the ones around you. This is the time to taste every moment of your life. 

Act like an App

I recently fell in love with my new iPhone FIVE C. I'm not much for having the latest gadget and I love living simply. After spending months digesting the autobiographies of Steve Jobs and Apple's chief industrial designer Jony Ive, I came to a deeper appreciation for the WHY behind Apple. This is what drew me  into the Apple culture. 

Having used a Blackberry for years I never really had a desire for apps until my new relationship with my FIVE C. What I love about the specific apps that I have chosen like the one I'm currently using to write my daily YLOG, is how streamlined the functionality is. The app only provides the primary features that you need to create great art. The app designers have defined and captured the core essence of the main functionality and created a simple and highly intuitive means for me to create great art.  I actually prefer creating my YLOGS, multi media and Social Media activities exclusively through my FIVE C. It has become a natural extension of my creativity and my inspiration. This is Apple's WHY and it connects with my WHY and enables me to live it. I don't buy because of HOW and WHAT, I only buy with WHY. 

There are some great learnings from living your WHY with a similar mindset as to that of an app. The key learning is to simplify your WHY and the actions that fuel it. Look at your life right now from a lens of simplification and remove all of the stuff (regrets, fears, commitments, debts, monthly bills, TV watching and copious amounts of procrastination). You came into this world with absolutely nothing and you will leave this world with nothing. So why accumulate so much baggage? How is this way of being serving you and your pursuit for freedom? It's what you crave, we all do, to have a greater sense of peace and flow in our lives and living with greater passion and purpose only pursuing the things that we love and that speak to our soul. 

This is what I want for you and it's what I chose for me, it's my way of BEING. So I've decided to be a FIVE C. I want my audiences, readers and clients to experience my WHY in a similar way: 

Feeling great, Intuitiveness and ease of access, Vision, Energy and Creativity. This is my new measure for experiencing my WHY, my point of differentiation, my new manifesto, my FIVE C. 

So, what are you working on?

I meet so many wonderful people following a key note and they share with me they want to inspire others. They want to write a book and inspire audiences on stage. I ask them what they're working on and how much energy they are allocating to their craft. The responses are typically consistent: "I have a full time job, I don't have the time, I am a single parent and have to pay the bills." 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The only difference is what we choose to act on during those 24 hours. We all have something greater that we want to share with the world. We all have the ability to make better choices that are aligned with our deeper purpose. We all can decide how we want to live and the legacy that we want to create. Our daily choices and habits influence our actions and our behaviours which ultimately affect the outcomes in our lives. 

It's this mindset that separates the performers from the spectators. From the acheivers to the non-believers. To become what you seek in life you have to take daily, weekly and monthly action. No one is going to do it for you. You have to believe that your gifts are worth sharing with others. Fixate on the end prize and allocate consistent energy to that which you wish to create. What you focus on expands.

Go get busy and start working on the most extraordinary chapter of your life.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You're more powerful than you think.

You have inklings of it during your sleep. You catch glimpses of it in the mirror. It's expressed in the compliments that you receive. It's your inner power and untapped potential. It's your unique ability and core genius. You were born with it, we all were. Some of us believe that we deserve to step into it, hold it up to the light for the world to see. It's the most precious thing about you. It's the soft chewy centre, the sweet spot. You were meant to discover, launch and live it. 

You experience this power everyday. The architect that designed the building you work in. The industrial designer that crafted the beautiful chair that you're currently sitting in. The iPod that you're listening to thanks to the vision and action of the late, great Steve Jobs. 

You feel it in the book you are reading and the words that move you into action. You experience it in your favourite movie because the film director intended you to. We are more powerful than we think. We are all meant to shine. Our awareness of this inner-light is the greatest gift any of us could ever receive. It is the collective unfolding and extraction of our deeper WHY that gives birth to this power inside of us. This is WHY we are here, now, in this moment, to push the human race forward with greater purpose and it starts with you declaring today to the world that you are more powerful than you think. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Look for Time

So many people ask me Where do I find the time to create, inspire and publish on a consistent basis.  I look for it! I don't wait, I act. Here is the thing, we all get the same 24 hours in a day and I'm not going to waste that precious time. The bigger question is what are you planning on doing with yours? 

Time is an amazing thing. We think we have so much of it and it's endless and forever available in demand. Sadly it's not. Time can be taken away from any of us in the blink of an eye. Time is a priviledge and in my 24 hours, I'm going to spend it making my mark on the world. Taking daily action by creating even just one focused hour of power will transform your life. Units of time are everywhere, an hour before the world is awake, your 1 hour commute to the office or the 2 hours spent watching your much needed TV shows.  Imagine using that time to create meaningful goals, to pour yourself into others, to write a page a day or to sit and meditate in stillness. Imagine using your driving time to listen to inspirational authors? What would happen to your health and energy if you spent 30 minutes a day walking, biking, running or swimming?

Time is a gift and an energy. It's your leverage to make a difference, to be better today than you were yesterday. Time is a fulcrum that allows you to push yourself forward. Time does not stand still, it is daily and forever in forward motion. It does not allow you to transport yourself into the past nor does it leap you into the future. Time is NOW, this moment, where you find your greatest gifts, your happiness, your joy and inner peace. It's NOW that you can love unconditionally and create the greatest chapter of your life. Time wants you to take action now not later but here in this moment. 
It's your time, the greatest present of all. 
How will you use it before it's to late? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's your time...

Not tomorrow, or next week and not next quarter. You don't have time to wait until the credit card is cleared or the mortgage is paid off.  The kids don't need to get any older for you to step into your one brilliant life. It doesn't mater that you haven't done it before and it makes no difference what others will think, they're to busy stepping into their life! 

This is your time to allocate energy to the only thing that matters, making great art. Your art is what you are creating. You don't need permission to take action on your life. The only thing you need to do today is get out of your way so you can start failing and learning that failure, action and temporary setbacks are beautiful and brilliant catalysts to unleash your hidden potential. 

This all sound great right but you still think you need a bit of a plan, ok here is your: It's my Time action plan to kick you in the ass. You're not going to try it or half ass this you've already gone down that road before and how did that work for ya? No, you're going to commit to this plan for the next 30 days, it's perfect timing because it's now and you're ready for something new:

1. Make a list of the top 5 things that you really want to create or experience. Add a  realistic calendar date to each one of them. Next to each one, write down what you will feel when you achieve them and you will!
2. Make a list next to each of your 5 goals called: obstacles. List only the things or activities that will prevent you from allocating energy to your new goals. 
3. Wake up 1 hour earlier tomorrow and everyday this month. Sit in stillness for 30 minutes - outside or in your bedroom and   Just breathe and see and feel the end result of what you are creating. Then do some physical exercise/movement for the  next 20 minutes. Spend the last 10 minutes reading your top 5 goals. Mom avoid checking emails until later in the morning. This is referred to as your hour of power.  
4. Write a brief 1 paragraph BLOG everyday using Blogger sharing your experience of what you are creating. You can share it if you want but with no expectations. You just need to share it. This is a great test, if you can't blog about the one thing that you are so passionate about everyday then you shouldn't be pursuing it. 
5. Cut off all TV watching for 30 days and spend 45 minutes every evening just working on your craft. Research, write, create, share, whatever turns you on. Just spend the time on it and only for 45 min. 

Remember, what you focus on expands. Where your attention goes your energy flows. You have to get intentional for it , hungry for it and on fire for what you want to create. No one else can do it for you, there to busy being busy. You need to shift your energy and your attitude about what you are capable of. You need to create better choices so you can form better habits that will ultimately contribute  to you creating your life. This is your time and we're all standing by, the world needs bigger dreamers so create what you want most in life. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Happy Now

Sitting here in wondrous New York City, I  am amazed as to how happy I am in this moment.  I create this YLOG from Soho, Prince and Broadway at the flagship Starbucks store.  The energy of this place and this city is bustling.  You can't help but get swept up in its grip.  When you allow yourself to feel every moment, be a part of it you are overcome by its power.  This is when you are truly happy.  When you no longer depend on external validation from others.  When you make a conscious choice to see outside circumstances for what they are, you will experience greater levels of inner-peace.  Is this not what we are all seeking?  Instead of waiting for the next thing, event or change in circumstance, decide in this moment to be happy in this moment. What if you conditioned yourself to be what you long to be?  You are not defined by your past, your present title, your level of income, your quantity of likes or even the friends you keep.  The happiness that you seek is deeper and richer than that.  Its challenging and equally rewarding.  It takes daily conditioning like anything worth pursuing, but the journey to this destination is worth experiencing over and over again.

The quality of our mind is dependent on how we choose to respond to external circumstances that we cannot control. The choice to be happy in the moment is exactly that, a choice.  It is the only thing that you can control. No one can do it for you, just like no one has the power to give it to you or take it away.  You have the power at any moment to decide how you wish to feel.  Happiness does not just 'happen' but rather, its an inner belief, a declaration to yourself and to the world that this is who you have chosen to be.  Be happy now.