Why Time

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 16: Act on your Dream

You are probably being tested in this moment more than ever. You are most likely facing your greatest level of discomfort. All those people around you don't seem to get you and you're probably feeling alone. Congratulations you are on your way to making the greatest impact of your life. You have made a concious decision to take 100% responsibility for the life you are creating. You are fed up with living and playing by someone's else's rules. You are ready to free your mind, body and spirit. It's taken this long to arrive to this point in your life but that's ok for you now see that everything in your life had to unfold the way it did for you to see it all as a great teaching. You are now on the path that you always wanted to be on. It's time to say no to the 1,000 distractions and yes to only a few that will keep you focused and on track with where you are now going. Not everyone is going to get it and that's ok - it's your dream not theirs. 

Your momentum will propel you forward. Your belief in all that you are will attract the people and the resources that you need. Heck the fact that you're reading and listening to this mornings WHY BLOG is proof that you are ready for more. 

Keep taking action on your dream.