Why Time

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tear down the walls...

So many of us have walls that have surrounded and protected us for years. These walls may have served you at one point by closing you off to deeper feelings. You built them at a time when you felt most alone. You weren't ready to face what needed to be faced head on. You chose to isolate yourself from the outside world. Looking at your life now, you realize that you have closed off a part of yourself. It's not easy revealing these emotions to the world. We all feel the need to project a persona of strength. The deepest connection to love will come from removing these barriers and letting the light in. 

We all admire your strength, your willingness to surround and inspire others with your light. This is also your time to let others in and see your imperfection as perfection. You were born to create, love and shine brighter for the world to see. You were meant to feel everything so you can live life by experiencing everything that it has to offer. You weren't meant to just survive and get by. You weren't meant to sit on the sidelines and watch your life pass you by, hoping and waiting to be seen. 

We see you and all of your greatness inside. You are not alone and we have only one expectation from you, that you fill yourself up with the love that you deserve. Tear down the walls that hold you inside.