Why Time

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Inspire someone...

What does it mean to be inspired? I like to think of it as elevating oneself to a new plane of thought. When you are inspired you are able to rise above your current reality and move towards a new state of being. When you are inspired you open up a new realm of possibility. - you are 'in-spirited' with your true life purpose - your reason for being. 

When you are inspired your daily actions become effortless and you go about your days in flow with something that is far greater than yourself. So how do you move yourself into this new inspired state and maintain a sense of inspiration? You have to become intentional about it, not just once in a while but everyday. Commit yourself to a new level of discipline by allocating the time to dream bigger, share your intention with others and create a purpose whereby you are serving others with your special gifts. 

Here are a few of my favourite daily tips:
- start your day off with an hour of power - 30 min of stillness followed by 30 min of physical activity. 
- carry a 3 x 4 cue card with you and read aloud several times a day the things that you are creating and attracting. 
- goto your special place and do some reading and deep thinking about all the great things you are creating. This should be a distraction-free zone where you are free to tap into your deeper creative self and fixate on the end prize. 

Create intentionality around your life and go about your day celebrating that you are in control and the architect of you and above all - have fun with your life it's the only on you got!